A Reason to Repent

That everyone is going to heaven is the greatest reason ever to repent!

That everyone is going to heaven means that we have a God who practices everything He preaches.  He tells us to forgive everyone, and He does the same – even though He has infinitely more to forgive than any of us do!

That everyone is going to heaven means that we are all going to be with Him one day in heaven and will be accountable for what we did on earth – especially once we heard that everyone is going to heaven.  Did we live a life of appreciation and gratitude for the mercy we have been shown?  Did we cease to worry about all sorts of worldly cares that don’t matter anyway?  Did we put aside all the petty differences we have with others in order to live in celebration of our eternal destiny?

I cannot imagine anything I could learn about God that would make me want to repent more than learning that everyone was going to heaven.

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2 Replies to “A Reason to Repent”

  1. What about the signs at the end of age? There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. (Matthew 24:7) You see there are now earthquakes in Qinghai in China and large volcanic activities in Iceland. There are also food shortages. What shall we do in these wicked times?

    1. The “signs at the end of the age” that you mention all occurred in the generation to which Jesus was speaking (Matthew 24:34). That prophecy, and all Bible prophecy, has been fulfilled. We are now living in what the Bible calls “the day of the Lord.” For elaboration see the Introduction to this blog. The earthquakes, food shortages, and other calamities that we see today are signs of God’s ongoing judgment. What we should do is repent so that God can send us better times. Do not think that because a disaster occurs somewhere else that those people are worse sinners. Disaster could strike anywhere next and we should all repent in order to avoid it. If you let God cleanse your life from sin you can be spared much of the harm that occurs in the earth, even if it strikes nears you. Serve Jesus Christ; He is the one true God who sends His judgments, but also is our deliverance from these judgments.

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