He Leaves No One Behind

Jesus came on a mission to take everyone to heaven.  Everyone.  When you die, you will go to heaven.  When you get there, you will see every person you’ve ever known who died before you.  He will leave no one behind.  No one.

If you want more of an explanation, see Everyone Is Going to Heaven .  Otherwise, just recognize this: if you were God, you’d figure out a way to get every one of us to heaven, wouldn’t you?  Well, if you, a sinful person, would be so kind, how much more would a holy and righteous God! 

You may need to re-think your conception of Him.  Start with Jesus of Nazareth – the most humble man who ever lived…and the eternal God of all creation.

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2 Replies to “He Leaves No One Behind”

  1. Where does Satan belong in this view?
    Why were we created, allowed to be tempted, sin,suffer all we do and choose to reject God in this life- yet still go to live in God’s presence. If I sacrificed my son for someone,true respect for what I did would mean the sacrifice would not be shunned by those it “saved”. Everyone going to live with a God they rejected in this life are going to have to be forced to receive a new life with Him – who wants to live with someone you ignored or hated all your life. Somehow do I get a change of heart to make me want him. My free will gets lost. Am I going to have so much informatiion given to me in the afterlife that I have no choice but to accept life with God?

    1. Satan sinned before this world was created. In fact, his rebellion is why this world was created. Through God’s redemption of the human race, He restores order in the heavens. In the original creation of the heavens and earth, angels were higher than humanity. But through the work of Christ, resurrected mankind is higher than the angels. Satan goes from being over humanity to being under it. The purpose of this creation is for God to demonstrate to the entire angelic realm – good and bad – that good overcomes evil.

      Once a human being dies, they have paid the penalty for sin (Romans 5:12). Even more importantly, they are at that time released from the grip of sin (Romans 6:7). Thus, having their eyes fully opened and being in their right minds, no human will reject God.

      The other thing I would say is that not as many people are rejecting God as you think. First of all, there are hundreds of millions who have not heard the gospel message. Even of the billions that have heard, many of them have only heard a corrupted gospel message (e.g. “Join our church” instead of “Believe in Jesus”). God is working with every human being who wants to obey their conscience and do the right thing in God’s sight – regardless of their religion, or even if they have a religion. God is a God of righteousness.

      This Introduction will elaborate on what I’ve written here and answer many of your questions.

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