Jesus Will Come to You in Your Thoughts

God came to us through Jesus Christ to make Himself more accessible.  We are human beings; we understand human life.  God in the form of a human being gives us a concrete and specific way to think about Him. 

Human beings communicate through words.  Jesus therefore communicates with us through words.  Since He no longer lives in the flesh, however, we don’t hear His words with our physical ears.  Rather, we hear them with the ears of our heart – our spiritual ears.  To those ears He speaks spiritual words.  Spirit speaks to spirit, and that’s how He discloses Himself to us.

When you pray to Jesus, pay attention to the words that come into your consciousness.  Seek to sort out His words (thoughts) from the multitude of other words (thoughts) swirling around in your mind.  (This is why a quiet mind is better than a busy one.)  God breaks down His ideas for absorption into our consciousness.

Jesus understands our frailty.  That’s why He comes to our consciousness in thoughts we can comprehend.  Just give Him time; you’ll see what I mean.

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