Are You Tired of Me Yet?

The day will come when you no longer need the encouragement of my blog posts to lean on Jesus Christ.  On that day you will walk so steadfastly with the Lord that while my daily praises of Him won’t annoy you (for you’ll always love to hear good things spoken of Him), they will be superfluous to your understanding of Him. 

For this reason, you will no longer look to this blog.  Will this make me sad?  On the contrary, it will thrill my heart!  For then my mission will have been accomplished.  It is your devotion to Him that I seek.

On the other hand, if you stop reading this blog because you do not want to hear anymore about Jesus, I will be sad indeed.  For then I will have failed.  Tiring of me is to be expected.  Tiring of Him is self-destructive.

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