Better to Listen

There is more salvation to be found in listening to God than in talking to Him.

The reason for this is obvious: there is no way we can bring new information to God by talking.  What is He going to learn from anything we say? 

Some talking to God is helpful, but more for the effect it has on us than Him.  For example, in addressing Him as Father we reinforce in our minds that it is a loving parent whom we approach.  This sets within us the right attitude for listening.  Further, when we mention as our interests “hallowing His name,” “advancing His kingdom,” and “doing His will,” (those things He told us to mention when He taught the Lord’s Prayer) it sets our minds on the subjects He wants to discuss.  When we get to the part about seeking forgiveness to the same degree we’ve forgiven others, again, those words set in our minds the right attitude for us to have.  That’s why the Lord’s Prayer is so short.  The main advantage that comes from it is listening to what God says to our hearts in response.  Oddly, however, the way the prayer is practiced in most churches is that it is merely recited and is not even followed by a period of silence (much less an extended period of silence) through which those praying could get answers.

Some people seem bothered that God is not answering their prayers.  If they never give time after the prayer to listen, however, how would they know if God answered or not?

Let’s tell God we’re sorry for yacking at Him so much, and make more time to listen.

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