Serve God Where You Are

You don’t have to meet a new person to begin serving God.  You can serve Him today just by changing the way you relate to everyone you already know.

When some people think of serving God, they think of becoming a missionary to China.  Or, if they’re less radical, at least by getting more involved in church.  In both cases, they think they have to meet new people in order to serve God.  What’s wrong with serving the people you already know?

Jesus Christ wants to change you completely, but He wants to start with your inside – not your outside.  Your inside is where motivations reside.  This is what He wants to alter.  He wants to root out selfishness, angry tempers, unforgiveness, bitterness, hostility, evil thoughts, lust, greed, envy, and so on.  Some people go to church with these inward characteristics unchanged.  The traits don’t show up immediately at the church because everyone there is new – and there’s not yet any bad behavior to forgive.  There’s not yet a need to turn the other cheek.  Give it time, however, and the inward impulses will again show up because temptation abounds in this world – even in a group that calls itself holy.

God is interested in having you serve Him just where you are with the relationships you already have.  Why do you think you have to join a group first in order to serve Him?  If you can allow Him to clean up your inside, your outside will take care of itself.  Then when you meet new people, you can be of genuine godly service to them.

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