I Can’t Teach You Anything

I can’t teach you anything…but I can extol Someone who is able to teach you everything

Jesus Christ can teach us about all things pertaining to life and godliness.  He teaches us individually, in the privacy of our hearts.  He teaches us what we cannot learn anywhere else nearly so well – truth.

He does not need a human instrument to teach us, though it is often through human instrument that we learn about Him.  Thus this blog.

My purpose in this blog, therefore, is not to teach.  Rather, it is to bear witness to the great Teacher.  I want everyone who knows me to know that the Lord Jesus is able to teach and guide every person in life.  My goal is to increase enrollments in His class. 

If you look to these blog posts because you see me as a teacher then you have missed my point.  You do need teaching – just not from me.  But you probably already knew that.  Therefore, just take this post today as a reminder that the greatest Teacher in the world has dedicated Himself to teaching you.  Class is about to start.  (You really have done well when for you it never dismisses.)

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