Is Jesus Increasing in Your Life?

Jesus begins in your life with a simple awareness.  You become aware – one way or another – that He actually lived, actually performed miracles, actually died, and actually was raised again.  In other words, you come to perceive that He’s a fact of history.  The question arises:  Are you willing to yield your life to Him?

This is a small beginning.  From that seed, God will grow a mighty presence in your consciousness.  This process is gradual and progressive.  Jesus increases in you.  The end result is that you will be like Him.

Just keep deciding to yield your life to Him, for the question will arise again and again as you are tempted to return to a self-centered lifestyle.  Whenever you cease yielding to His authority, the growth halts.  If this happens, return to yielding so that the growth can resume.  True spiritual growth is submitting more and more of your life to the authority of Christ until eventually your every thought is subject to Him.  This is the kingdom of God.

2 Replies to “Is Jesus Increasing in Your Life?”

  1. Indeed I love that seed analogy, and the way you describe spiritual growth beginning with ’simple awareness’ which will be ‘a mighty presence in’ our ‘consciousness’.

    Life really begins when you sweep around and proudly announce (by turning to Him who is the true everlasting One whose love we all need), “How many days fit like a glove for You’ve been sent from above with Your happy one and special Love! 😉 But that’s not why I love You…I don’t know much cause ‘I have no clue’.” 🙂

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