Jesus Is Enough

One of the common mistakes people make when they first come to faith in Jesus is to turn to others for affirmation.  That is, a person looks to other Christians in order to strengthen his own faith.  The problem is that doing this doesn’t strengthen faith – it simply transfers one’s faith from God to other people.  The person’s faith in God is lost.

Better to have a weak faith in God than a strong faith in people – no matter who the people are.  The reason for this, of course, is that God will never let you down while people can’t help letting you down. 

If you feel your faith in Jesus is weak, keep looking to Him and listening for Him.  He will strengthen your faith over time.  Don’t trust in other people.  God’s assignment to you is to love other people – not trust them.  People are weak, just like you are. 

If you feel that you must have a big church or a small group to nurture your faith, recognize that you’re building your house on sand…and when the flood comes, as it surely will, your house will crumble. 

Walk with Jesus.  Have faith in Him.  He is enough.  Actually, He’s more than enough.

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14 Replies to “Jesus Is Enough”

  1. I’m so sorry that you have been hurt and that your ability to trust has been compromised. In that you are certainly not alone. May the Lord fill that empty space and bring you unimagined grace.

  2. I am not writing from hurt because whatever hurts I’ve experienced in life have all been healed. My ability to trust is enhanced because I no longer trust people to be something only the Lord can be. I appreciate your kind wishes but He has been filling my empty spaces with His unimagined grace…and it is that unimagined grace you are resisting. Everyone is going to heaven, and the only thing that protects us from wrath between now and then is righteousness. Since going to church is not a commandment of God, it doesn’t add to our rightousness to do it.

  3. So Jesus built His church on Peter, the Rock (not the sand), but we’re not supposed to be part of that church? That makes no sense. And if, as you say, all your earthly hurts have been healed, you are truly remarkable among men. Jesus does heal all wounds, but he makes clear that it won’t happen while we’re still in this world. I’m sorry, Mike, but this is all so unbiblical. Scripture may not expressly require gathering to worship, but it certainly recommends it (Hebrews 10:25). It saddens me greatly to think that you would sek to deprive others of the joy of meeting together and raising prayer and voice in worship. I do hope you will be in prayer about this. Blessings to you.

  4. Are you saying Church is not necessary?.Gosh so many that dont go would love hearing that. This is how I feel since I have been on both sides of the fence in my life. There are those that dont go to church and the argument is well I can worship at home. The point is the ones that can go and dont are they REALLY worshiping at home? I would guess the majority may be sleeping in and enjoying a sunday but family getting together and taking the time to nuture a relationship with God I doubt on the most part.Granted there are some that really cant get out and God knows thier hearts too but this is why I go to church….. I could very well pray at home but its a respect for me to give God the time . To make a effort to get up dress and go to his house . God gives us a million things a day and it seems a small gesture of respect to give him a hour on a sunday morning. Of course I love to go to church too. I love the people, I love my pastor , I love the music. I go and do the same thing on Friday nights and wednesdays too..but it was a habit I learned and grew to love and be apart of my life. God is important the most important in my life and church is part of that process to know and grow in and with him. I think God may not command we go to church but he also does not demand we seek him but if we dont we are lost.. I cant help but think it pleases him..its not going to determine me entering heaven but I am all for pleasing him… Yes for me its a thank you for him loving me , for him dying for me, a way for me to respect him by doing just a little more than lying in bed on Sunday morning. This is a very small part of it but its a small effort I can give back and still important….. to me anyway. I cant imagine church and worship not being apart of my week now.God Bless, Shellie Goodman Twork.

  5. i feel i must echo ara and shellies words to you once more, mike. jesus died for his bride and itd be a bloody shame if we excluded ourselves from being part of her. ya, we might find liars, backstabbers, thieves and murderers in the church but jesus didnt come for the healthy but for the sick. are you so healthy that you dont need the healing touch of Gods grace and mercy through the corporate gathering of his bride? if so, maybe others that arent as healthy as you need your help..
    id implore you to read the scriptures and pray to him for wisdom and discernment on this.
    brother luke.

  6. This blog is for nonchurchgoers who want to hear more about Jesus without having to go to church. While some of its readers may be familiar with the Bible, I do not presume that all are. So, I try to write in such a way that even if people do not know much about the Bible, they can still learn about Jesus when they read here.

    I also write a companion blog about Jesus specifically for people who are familiar with the Bible. Some of you may wish to make your arguments there, since a lot of biblical references here could be distracting to those who just want to hear about Jesus. That blog is A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus.

  7. Actually, it appears the purpose of this blog is to discourage people from going to church. But really, you are complaining about biblical references? The Bible–God’s love letter to all mankind–is distracting? Do you hear how nonsensical that sounds?

  8. What better place for the unchurched to learn about God than from God Himself via Scripture? Surely you don’t set yourself up as a higher authority. You should be steering these individuals toward the Bible, not treating them as if they are too dim to understand its message.

  9. No one is too dim to understand the Bible. And we are all under its authority, but that doesn’t mean that God requires everyone to read it. Those of us who have read it owe to those who haven’t a simple explanation of its contents, which is why I write about Jesus. I do that in two blogs: one for people unfamiliar with the Bible, and another for people familiar with it. They are linked, so anyone who wants can read one, the other, both, or neither.

  10. i understand your desire to keep this as clean as possible for nonbelivers to read and comprehend but with that said id encourage you to pray about your purpose here. by telling people that ones desire for corporate gathering and community is building on sand is unbiblical. we were made for community with other believers, coming together to edify, encourage, make stronger, praying for each other and for the fallen world we live in.

    1. This site is for nonchurchgoers, not nonbelievers. The terms are not synonymous. This is my point.

      I do pray about my purpose here, but I don’t mind your reminding me to continue to do so.

      We were made for community with our fellow human beings, and to all of them we should show Christ’s love – not merely the ones who profess faith in Him. I am encouraging faith in Christ; you are encouraging faith in Christians. Faith in Christ is rooted in the fear of God; faith in Christians is rooted in the fear of man. Look up…not around.

  11. God doesnt require everyone to read His Word? nonsense, brother! how are we to gain an accurate understanding of who God is and what He wants for our lives? are we to lazily sit back and let miinister, pastors, priests, etc tell us what God’s Word says? wheres the personal responsibility in that?
    i heavily encourage you to step back for a moment in prayer and consider how well you know God’s Word and what He says to us.

    “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check,” – James 3:1-3

    be careful, brother for these words from James are the very words from God. be careful that you are not teaching against God’s revealed Word.



    1. The Scriptures are wonderful and I have two other blogs (A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus and Bible Notes for A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus) for those who read the Bible, or want to. However, I have never found a commandment from God requiring people to read it and that’s why I don’t present it as a requirement. If you are aware of where it does, please tell me.

      What I do say is that every person should read his own conscience because that is where God speaks to every person, and where He constantly reminds us that His commandment is that we love. That is the personal responsibility each of us has toward God. In that sense, you are right that we cannot “lazily sit back” and blame someone else if we do what we know is wrong.

      Those of us who do read the Bible have a clearer awareness of God and His will, and thus incur a stricter judgment. Thus, both you and I are being judged for what we write here. May His truth prevail.


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