Why Do We Drive Him Out?

Why does the world drive God out of His own house?  Why does God let us?

The second question is easier to answer than the first.  He lets us because He wants us to have the free will to do the right thing and invite Him back in.  It is, after all, His house.  (I’m speaking of creation, of course – the habitation which He made for us.)

The answer to the first question is that we’re ungrateful.  This pattern of ingratitude keeps repeating itself.  At Christmas time, we hear the story about how there was no room at the inn for Mary, Joseph, and the baby to come.  All these years and there’s still no room in the inn.  We haven’t made room because we don’t want Him around, telling us what to do.  In other words, the answer to the second question is His love and the answer to the first question is our selfishness.

The good news is that we can repent of our selfishness and imitate His love.  We can lovingly invite Him back into His own house and recognize that He is present wherever we are – and everywhere else, too. 

Acknowledge Him in every situation and He will show you how to handle it.  Acknowledge Him in every day and He will show you how to live it.  Don’t drive Him out of your mind with worries, pleasures, lusts, and unforgiveness of others.

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