He’s As Close As the Mention of His Name

How do you make contact with God?  Actually, you don’t even have to know His name.  Just speak to Him and He’ll hear you.

The advantage of using His name is that 1) His name helps convey to you what He’s like, and 2) it boosts your faith to have that clearer perception of the Person upon whom you’re calling.

The name Jesus is the Hebrew name Joshua, which comes from a word combination that means “God saves.”  Or you could actually say, “God answers.”  Therefore, His very name gives you assurance that He is hearing you when you talk with Him.  All He asks is that you believe you are being heard.

Therefore, He is no farther away from you than the utterance of His name.  Believe it…and then let Him respond by working His grace in your heart while you remain still for a few moments.

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5 Replies to “He’s As Close As the Mention of His Name”

  1. Hi Mike
    How do you make Contact with G-d?

    Not trying to sidetrack this thread but I think my question touches the edges of it a little bit. I’m not trying to be a wise guy or make anyone feel pressured by this. If you or any of your readers have a ‘holy’ answer for this I am interested in your response in fellowship in this area.

    I can’t help but admire the fasting of Yashua (Jesus) Himself.
    It seems to me that :
    He took no food
    He took no water
    He took no cell phone.
    He took no bible or books.
    He took no transportation vehicle
    He took no weapons for self defense
    He didn’t communicate with any mortals
    He took no bedding
    He took no first aid kit
    He took no money
    and it seems to me that He told no one where he was going either.
    It was just Him and The Father. (in the wilderness) – not in some comfortable air conditioned building to be protected from the environment
    and He didn’t stop fasting until He was confronted by Satan himself (three times) who was offering him loopholes for the purpose of His Fast; and He declined to accept any of those loopholes.

    Now, that’s the kind of fast that makes my heart beat, and my spirit and my soul praise Jesus. (Seriously)

    I tried this. I didn’t even make it one full week. (close to a week but nothing even close to our Lord’s fast) It was one of the most memorable times I have ever had. I had no out of the body experiences, and I wasn’t confronted by the devil. The first day was pretty much sidetracked by mentally questioning myself over and over about my motives, and questioning myself about why I was trying to make contact with G-d in this manner, but after that first day it became easier and much more natural, because there was no one else around but G-d. At the end of that first week, my mortal self just couldn’t go on, and it wasn’t because I was hungry or thirsty either, (I wasn’t) but I just couldn’t continue on any longer. I love Jesus, and He said that after He left there would be times his disciples would fast. I was just trying to do as He said. You know, “How can you say you love me when you don’t do the things I say?”

    Have you or anyone who reads your blog had something like this, or similar to this happen . . . where you just felt like you really let him down, or missed the message in trying to contact G-d.
    I mean, after all, Jesus didn’t even begin his ministry until He had been successful at this.

    Thanks, and shalom in Jesus

  2. Randy,

    I have some experience with fasting. Let me make several comments, not necessarily in order of importance:

    – Fasting is associated with grieving, mourning, repentance. It is the opposite of feasting, which is for joy and celebration. Fasting therefore is for forsaking sin and being restored to the Lord (Matthew 9:14-15). It is a way of quieting the soul and drawing close to Him.

    – Like prayer, fasting is subject to malpractice (Matthew 6:16-18) – perhaps even more so. Therefore, if we do it, we should do it rightly (Isaiah 58:3ff). As always, “to obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22). That is, a life marked by obedience to the Lord is preferable to a life marked by fasting.

    – I do not urge people to fast because our Lord didn’t. It is an act available to us, and your experience demonstrates that it can be done profitably. Yet I would not want any of our brothers and sisters to feel deficient if they do not fast. Fasting can supplement a life of loving God and neighbor, but not replace it.

    – I would only add an asterisk to your list above – that is, regarding your reference to Jesus taking no Bible into His fast. While He may not have had the Scriptures in His hand, He certainly had them in His heart for they were the means by which He resisted Satan’s temptations. In fact, the Scriptures are the most notable difference between the temptation of Eve in Genesis 3 and the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4.

    – You seem to love Christ and that blesses my soul.

  3. Randy I think I see the question you are asking. I fast often too and just have a couple of things to point out to you. First of all, you haven’t let Jesus down at all as your motives are clean, so quit beating yourself up over it. We aren’t commanded to do a 40 day fast but just to fast. And you have been, I’ll say it again, you have been confronted by the adversary and that is what you missed. The adversary just told you that you disappointed Jesus. Pick yourself up off the ground and get back up. Sometimes answers from God are quick, but usually not. You will get answer from Him. Continue on lover of Jesus, You’ll do just fine.
    A brother in the Lord,

  4. Run batted in! Thanks for your hits. The Light bulb came on when I got to home plate, and He is the light of the world.

    Have a great day in Jesus

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