You Don’t Have to Only Imagine

Some people imagine what they will do one day when they see Jesus.  They wonder if they will leap for joy or bow in reverence.  Even though they don’t know which they’ll do, they still look forward to the day.  That is a good thing…but they are denying themselves a present reality.

If they have received Christ by faith, why can’t they walk with Him by faith?  They are postponing until an uncertain time in the future an experience which is available to them in the present.

Why only imagine what you can experience?  Jesus is here today.  His presence fills the heavens and the earth.  Therefore, you can go ahead and decide now whether you want to leap for joy or bow in reverence.  You probably feel like doing both, but you obviously can’t do them simultaneously.  Take turns.

Do you think you have to wait until you see Jesus before you can experience these things?  You can see Him now…by faith.  That’s what faith is – eyes to see what your physical eyes cannot see.  Faith is not less certain than physical sight – it’s more certain.  Faith remains when all that is physical has fallen away.

Do not put off until tomorrow the peace and joy that is available to you now.

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