Jesus Saves – From What?

Perhaps you’ve seen the words on a billboard, or on a tract, or somewhere else:  “Jesus Saves.”  Sometimes it just seems creepy, but you can still wonder what the words mean.  If Jesus does save, what is it that He saves from?

For one thing, Jesus saves us from ourselves.  Many times, we are our own worst enemies.  We run our lives but do a terrible job of it.  By accepting Jesus’ lordship, we give over the direction of our lives to someone who knows what He is doing.

The more fundamental way of explaining what Jesus saves from is that He saves us from our sins.  Without God, we are prone to sin.  The reason for this is that we were made to live with God, and when we don’t, sinning is a natural consequence.  It’s like operating an engine without lubricating oil – it just won’t work properly.

Perhaps you thought I was going to say that Jesus saves you from hell.  Indeed He does.  That, however, would just be focusing on one of the consequences of sin.  I assume you don’t just want to avoid the consequences of sin.  Rather, you want to avoid the sin itself.  Sin is a breakdown in the moral order of the universe.  No matter how small, it chips away at the love God designed to permeate all of life.  Thus, to redeem us from our past sins and to keep us from sin in the future is to redeem the universe one person at a time.

Serving Jesus as Lord will save you…from your sins.

The very name “Jesus” means “God saves.”

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  1. I have found that I agree a lot with what you have to say, and I am glad — it’s been a while since I have read something by a Christian who seriously asks for deep consideration and contemplation of Jesus. Thank you for writing.

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