Whatever Became of Jesus Christ?

When you read the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the biggest thing on people’s minds – at least among the people who were sending and receiving the letters that comprise the New Testament.  What happened?  Why isn’t He as big a deal today as He was then, at least among people who call themselves Christians?

And what about you who call yourselves Christians?  (I’ll return to those who don’t at the end below.)  Is Jesus Christ as big a deal to you now as He once was?  What happened?

Since He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He has not changed.  It is we who have changed.  And what has become of us?  We have drifted away from the awareness of His glory.  We have sought our own way in the world.  We now live just as the rest of the world lives, striving for all the things for which they strive.  Yet we do keep Jesus around…but on a shelf. 

In the currents of life, however, there is no standing still.  We are either constantly centering our lives on the Lord, or else we are drifting away.  If He’s on the shelf, His shelf space is steadily, if imperceptibly in the moment, decreasing.  Only over time can we see how much He’s receded in our minds.

And now, for those of you who don’t call yourselves Christians:  It is hard for you to come to know Him, when those who already know Him act like it’s not such a big deal.  Nonetheless, I assure you that Jesus Christ is a very big deal – the biggest deal of all.  Look past those of us who give Him a bad name and see for yourself.

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