Do You Hunger for Morality?

How much does morality matter to you?  Do you hunger for it?  As much as you do for food?

God is a moral God.  We live in a moral universe.  We were put here to rule the earth morally.  Everything that is wrong in life stems from a failing in morals.  Jesus Christ was sent to redeem us from immorality and lead us to the moral excellence that He practiced. 

If we were sufficiently moral, there would be no poverty, no hunger, no disease, no catastrophes.  Sin is the cause of all that has gone wrong with creation. 

The world’s best idea about morality is “good enough to get by.”  “Why knock yourself trying to be good when the next guy is not worrying about it?”  Their attitude is, “Don’t be a goody two shoes – just be normal.”  Thus the world wallows in moral mediocrity…and keeps wondering why God is letting the place go to pot. 

God is not letting the place go to pot – we are!

It starts with you.  Don’t try to improve the world – improve yourself!  Crave moral excellence.  If you don’t, you won’t get much out of your relationship with God.  If you do, He can satisfy that hunger…and change your world in the process.

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