Why Do You Think As If God Is Elsewhere?

Even when you decide to trust in God and remember Him in all your daily activities, you still have a difficult time doing so.  Why is that?   You’re not one of those people who doesn’t believe in God.  You do believe in Him and you want to please Him.  Why, then, is it so hard to remember Him throughout the day?

The short answer is that you have help.  Specifically, you are tempted to forget Him.  All sorts of competing thoughts crowd out your desire to think about Him as you go through your day.  These include all the typical worries of the world: “Will my children turn out all right?”  “Do people respect me?”  “How will I stay healthy?”  They also include a host of concerns about money: “Will I run out?”  “What if I don’t make as much money as the next person?”  “How can I ever get ahead?”  And then there are all the other things we desire in life: “I want what she has!”  “Why can’t I have a new sports car?”  “I must have more!” 

Every one of these competing thoughts presents an opportunity to forget about your Creator’s presence.  The key to remembering that God is here, and not elsewhere, is to overcome the temptation to do otherwise.  Overcoming temptation is a matter of patience, of persevering in the awareness that God is in you and all around you.  Even that patience is a gift from God.  Ask Him for it.

We can disregard these competing thoughts because God has promised to meet all of our needs – physical as well as spiritual – as long as we serve Him.  Of course, serving Him always means serving others, for the way we show kindness to Him is to show it to those around us.  (Thus we see how truly loving He is: He doesn’t want our kindness for Himself; He wants it bestowed on others.)  If we sow bountifully, He will see that we harvest bountifully. 

Like any other habit, the awareness of Jesus Christ must be established and cultivated.  If we exercise to remain physically healthy, how much more we should exercise our minds to remember the presence of the God who loves us.  After all, it’s His oxygen that we breathe. 

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2 Replies to “Why Do You Think As If God Is Elsewhere?”

  1. Where does it say He will meet our needs “if we serve Him?” I know where it says we can have all we ask in Jesus’ name if we believe, and I know where it says He will meet all of our needs. I also know where it says we (the believers) will be blessed with the blessings of Abraham, but I’ve never seen “… if we serve Him.” The way I see it, we are all serving Him just to believe in His son (John 6:29), some maybe more than others, but we all serve Him.

    Any help???

  2. God is indeed kind, and gives the sun and rain to the good and evil alike (Mt 5:45). He does, however, delight in the properity of His servant (Ps 35:27). The same apostle who wrote that God would meet all our needs (Phil 4:19) also wrote that if someone was not willing to work, neither should he eat (2 Thess 3:10). Paul was aware that God makes a distinction between those who serve Him and those who don’t (Mal 3:18).

    In summary, I am not suggesting that God is a slot machine in which we input works and He outputs blessings. Rather, He is a loving father. Like any loving father, He bestows many kindnesses upon us which we could never earn. At the same time, like any good father, He expects us to grow up, take responsibility, and become like Him. That means loving service.

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