A Quorum of Two

A quorum may be defined as the minimum number of people required to hold an official meeting of an organization. 

What is the quorum for a meeting with God?  Two.  You and Him. 

You do not need to be a part of a group to worship Him.  You do not need a building.  You do not need clergy present.  You don’t need anyone else.

You have a quorum – what are you waiting on to have a meeting?

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2 Replies to “A Quorum of Two”

  1. Haven’t been waiting. In fact, I’ve been meeting with God, both on my own and with my friends and family in a place called church. How strange that you should acknowledge the good done by churches then steer believers away from them. I’ve done a lot of praying and self-examining as you suggested, but the Lord hasn’t given me the high sign to desert my church or to stop worshipping him together with other believers. Your messages sound much more like a Harold Camping diatribe than anything to do with the body of Christ–and that really is a shame. Perhaps you believe as Camping does that the “church age” is over and that Satan now rules the roost in all of our houses of worship. In any case, I find no reason to change my opinion that this is–at its root–about you and your experience, and I don’t say that as a criticism. We are all in the same boat–still subject to our earthly bodies and desires. May God be with you.

  2. Until I read your comment, I had never heard of Harold Camping. So I researched him, and was mortified by what I read. If that’s what you think I sound like, then I don’t blame you for holding your opinion, for he and his organization exhibit all the classic characteristics of a cult. Further, I commend you for continuing to seek the Lord and acting only on what He Himself reveals to you; God forbid that I should have any followers. I am only trying to be a faithful individual believer in Jesus Christ. May God be with you as well.

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