Who to Believe – Atheists or Apostles?

Atheists write books.  In doing so, they seek fame and fortune.  In some cases, the fame and fortune are granted them.  These authors tell their readers that they have not seen God.  Based upon that failure, they ask their readers to believe that there is no God.  They have nothing to give their readers – they only take away from their readers.  That is, these atheists seek to steal hope from their readers.

The apostles of Jesus wrote as well.  They were not seeking fame and fortune.  On the contrary, they knew that they wrote at the risk of their lives, and indeed most died bloody deaths as a result of what they wrote.  These authors tell their readers that they have seen God, and ask their readers to believe that God is.  They give to their readers – faith, hope, and love.

The books of the atheists point the opposite direction from the books of the apostles.  Therefore, you cannot trust both.  Their positions are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.  Therefore, there is no third choice.  You must choose between these two.  Lastly, to refuse to choose is to side with the atheists for their goal is “no faith,” and you will have accommodated them.

Therefore, upon whose books will you stake your life – those of the atheists or those of the apostles?

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