To My Christian Friends

People who call themselves Christians have a wide variety of beliefs.  And sometimes that variety includes no belief at all!  On one end of the spectrum are those who profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, believing Him to be the Son of God in accord with all that is written in the Bible.  On the other end are those who simply mean that they are not atheists.  In between are all other shades of meaning.  I know these great differences exist not only among the general public, but among my friends who call themselves Christians, too.  Therefore, it’s not easy to write a focused introduction of this blog for you.

Nevertheless, I appeal to your association with Jesus Christ…even if in name only.  This Christ by whose name you are willing to be called is the most important reality in your life today…or any other day that you live.  We have all neglected Him to varying degrees, but He invites us to repent and return to Him.  He welcomes us with open arms.  In Him we can find refuge from everything – EVERYTHING – that troubles us today.

He created life, and He Himself lived a human life…so He knows how to live.  He is willing to share that knowledge with us.  Not only that, He is willing to walk with us all the days of our lives.  And not silently.  He will speak softly to our hearts and direct us into paths of morality (the Bible would say “righteousness”).

Because you and I call each other friend, I appeal to you to summon whatever respect you might have for my judgment and use that to motivate yourself to examine the claims of Christ anew.  See if He has a greater claim on your thoughts and life than you have previously thought.  You may use this blog site to examine those claims but I am not seeking a following for myself.  I seek a greater following for Him.  Whatever you do – if my advice means anything to you – seek Him.

I am not saying you should join a church; in fact, I hope you won’t.  I am certainly not saying you need to become a missionary or even write a blog as I am doing.  I am saying, however, that if you seek Him you will find yourself loving your family and friends in a more sincere and pure-hearted way than you ever have previously.  He is Lord.  And He is worthy that we should live for Him and honor His name by which we are called.

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4 Replies to “To My Christian Friends”

  1. Thank you. As a christian I love reading words like this vs what you usually see. Sometimes I need help with my words my ministry and where I am trying to go in my walk with God, You may not realize it but your posts came to me excatly when I needed it. I know that is Gods work but you were the instrument to reach me and I think that like Christ is awesome. Have a great day Shellie

  2. Thank you for your sincerity and enthusiasm, Mike, it is appreciated.

    My view is that I could love no other more than my wife and children, they are my very life and I mean that in the most humble and heartfelt way that human language can impart. Further, I realize that other fine folks have that same inherently human feeling so we must all care for each other in like manner.

    If there is a deity, I’m sure she would fully understand exactly what that means and respect it.

    I am certainly happy for you that your faith brings you comfort, hope and moral guidance.

    May you always be good, take care of others and have a beautiful life.

    Steve Schlicht
    Biloxi MS

    1. My wife and children used to be my supreme love. However, when I made God (that is, Jesus Christ) my supreme love in their place, I found that my love for them expanded far beyond what it had been. That is, they have received more genuine, selfless love from me in second place than they ever got from me when they were in first place.

      Having said that, I applaud your stance for morality (the Bible, of course, would call it righteousness). This is far more important to God than religious categories or labels into which people are constantly dividing themselves (Christian, atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Jew, etc.).

      I appreciate your good wishes…and I reciprocate them in the name of our God.

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