Making Eye Contact with the Lord

When we want to talk with an individual, we seek first to make eye contact with that individual.  Conversely, when we do not want to talk with someone, we avoid eye contact.

This principle of eye contact applies to God as well.  If you want to communicate with Him you seek eye contact, if you want Him to leave you alone you avoid eye contact.   

If you are truly seeking eye contact with God, your starting point is to know that He’s watching everyone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  God doesn’t see you only when you pray or only when you go to church.  He sees you all the time.  Therefore, the only condition necessary to make eye contact is for you to look toward Him.   If you’ve kept in mind that He’s been watching you, it will be easier for you believe you’re making the eye contact you seek.  Conversely, if you’ve been forgetting that He’s always watching, your faith will be weak when it’s time to lock eyes with Him.

Practice living as if God is always watching and you will have faith strong enough to turn the eyes of your heart to Him.

Eye contact is the starting point of effective communication.  Therefore, make eye contact with God having effective communication in mind – whether that communication be short or long.  It’s okay to afterward look away in order to pay attention to things on earth, especially to love others…as long as you remember that He continues watching you until you once again have opportunity to turn your gaze upon Him.

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2 Replies to “Making Eye Contact with the Lord”

  1. Eye contact is an interesting example. I think another reason we can “lose eye contact with God” is when we allow ourselves to feel guilty or condemned. As a child, we learned that when we got in trouble we were sent to our bedrooms. That taught us that love is conditional and God looks away from us when we are bad. But that is not true. God’s love is not conditional. Nothing we can do will cause Him to look away. When we realize God accepts us no matter what, it makes it easier to run to Him all the time rather than run away from Him when we don’t feel qualified.


  2. While you are right that God’s love is unconditional, it is also true that there are consequences for our behavior. For this reason, we should maintain eye contact with God in order to pursue behaviors that bring good consequences and avoid behaviors that bring negative consequences. When we fall, we should return our gaze to Him so that our guilt can be forgiven. Eye contact (i.e. the eye of faith) is the key to being forgiven of sin, and also of avoiding it in the future. This eye contact also works just as well on false guilt as it does on true guilt.

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