Constant Communion

The Last Supper is the last meal Jesus shared with His disciples before He was crucified and raised from the dead.  As Providence would have it, it was no ordinary dinner for them.  It happened to be the Jewish Passover meal.  The Hebrews had held this annual feast for over a thousand years, commemorating God’s deliverance of them from slavery in Egpyt. 

During the meal, Jesus said that this would be the last Passover He would eat until it was fulfilled in the kingdom of God.  We now live in the days of the kingdom of God which He prophesied – and of which He is the King!  (For more on the fact that the kingdom came long ago, just as Jesus had prophesied it would, see The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now ).  Therefore, we can ask, “What is this ‘fulfillment’ of which He spoke?”  It is nothing less than His constant communion with His children, taking place in each individual heart.

Constant communion with God is your inheritance as a believer in Jesus Christ.  He dwells in your heart through the Holy Spirit to walk with you and talk with you every day of your life.  The Passover Meal, especially through The Last Supper, foreshadowed the magnificent reality of enjoying the voice of God in your heart even as the din of the world and all its travails surround you.  This voice of God is not just for your comfort, but for your nourishment.  It strengthens you to live godly in an ungodly world, for Jesus has also said that He Himself is the “bread of life.”

How does God speak?  In the quietness of your heart He can be heard.  Of what does He speak?  Righteousness…or we might say today, morality.  He speaks of an increasing morality in your life – that you become more and more like Him.

The fulfillment of which Jesus spoke was not that we might eat crackers and drink grape juice.  It was that we might hear His voice and do His will one day at a time, experiencing true peace and joy as our daily reward.  

He is near to you now.  He longs for constant communion with you.  Forsake every sin, every selfish thought, and every vain religious ritual.  Open the ears of your heart to Him who constantly speaks life to you.

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