Truth Is

We live in a mixed-up and strange generation.  They believe something can be truth for one person but not truth for another.  “Oh, yes, I can see how your belief is true for  you, but I don’t accept it so it’s not true for me.”  And so they go through life, assuming, whether happily or sadly, that there is no such thing as rock-solid, ever-dependable truth.  Certainly there are different religions, and certainly there are different beliefs…but truth is either truth for all, or else it cannot be truth.

Jesus Christ came to earth to tell us that indeed there is truth, and that He Himself is its foundational expression.  He made this point in the most personal of terms, declaring, “I am the truth.”  C.S. Lewis famously made the point in his book Mere Christianity that this assertion by Jesus eliminates the possibility of someone claiming that He was simply one of many good and moral teachers who have lived on the earth.  He was either God, a lunatic, or the devil himself.  You have to make a choice. 

There is much disillusionment in our generation precisely because people have capitulated to the false notion that there is no such thing as truth.  Jesus has provided therefore the perfect remedy: Himself. 

The elites of our society find such a conception quaint at best and toxic at worst.  They claim we live in postmodern world in which everything is relative, even truth.  When they say these things it escapes their notice that the God they denigrate is alive and present and giving them abundant opportunity to repent of their foolishness on their own accord. 

You can deny truth.  You can ignore it.  You can dispute it.  You can even curse it, as some people do.  But you can never escape it. 

How wonderful for us that the truth is something as lovely and as powerful as the Person of Jesus Christ.  Bow your heart to Him now and always.  If you honor Him, He will honor you.  If you ignore Him, you are left to your own devices.

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