A Chattering Heart or a Listening Heart?

Some people are primarily talkers.  Others, by comparison, are quiet.  This has to do, however, with the outward expression of human behavior.  As to the inward person – the person of the heart – there are also hearts that primarily talk, and then those that are quiet.  However, there is not a direct correspondence between the two.  That is, a person who is outwardly quiet is not necessarily inwardly quiet.  In fact, some quiet people have hearts that are incessantly speaking.

For example, an anxious heart is one that is constantly manufacturing thoughts – whether the person is outwardly talkative or not.  Anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, angst, panic, fretfulness, dread – all these words are rooted in fear and seek residence in the human heart.  Fear makes for a heart that never stops talking.  “What if you don’t make enough  money to pay your bills?”  “What if you turn out to be a lousy parent?”  “What if everyone thinks you’re a fool?”  And on and on it goes.

Another cause of a talkative heart is uncontrolled desire, or you could just say greed.  Greed doesn’t just apply to money, it can apply to anything we want: fame, sex, approval.  Greed is never satisfied.  And as long as it is active, it makes its wishes known – which creates chatter in the heart.

Whatever the cause of a talkative heart, it is an unpleasant state.  Nonetheless, many people accept this condition without making any attempt to tone down their inward monologue. 

The much bigger problem with a busy heart, however, is that it makes it difficult to hear God.  By contrast, if you keep your heart quiet, you can hear Jesus talking with you all the time.  He wants that kind of closeness with you.  He created you for it.  And though sin has interfered with His original intent, He died on the cross and was raised from the dead to overcome that interference. 

Quiet your chattering heart and cultivate a listening heart.  Rid your heart of fear and greed and anything else that causes unproductive thoughts to proliferate in your mind.  A quiet, listening heart can receive anything and everything that God offers.

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