God Doesn’t Care

We are so accustomed to seeing the phrase “God cares” that we are shocked to see the phrase “God doesn’t care” – yet both are true.  Here’s how: God cares about what is important and doesn’t care about what’s unimportant.  For example, He cares about people…but He doesn’t care about everything people care about because they often care about things that are not important.

God doesn’t care who wins the game.  He doesn’t care who is the prettiest girl in the class. He doesn’t care who is the smartest person in the room, or who makes the most money, or who is the most famous, important, or successful.  He doesn’t even care who is considered the most saintly because He knows people often make such judgments incorrectly, having no access to the secrets of the human heart.

The world makes very poor judgments about what is important in life.  Don’t get caught up in their mistaken perspectives and opinions.  That is rightly called “the rat race.”

Turn to God and ask Him what is important in life.  You may find that a lot of things that have been concerning you are actually quite trivial in His sight.  That will be life-changing for you.

Remember: Don’t consider trivial what Jesus considers important and don’t consider important what He considers trivial.  Especially don’t be approaching Him in prayer about trivialities when He longs for you to regularly come to Him about what’s important.

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2 Replies to “God Doesn’t Care”

  1. So very….very true. If one sincerely believes in the power of prayer….how could one waste such opportunity on trivial things rather than on matters of eternal vaue?

    Beautiful post. Thanks

    Carolyn / internetelias.wordpress.com

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