What’s the Point of Calling Him Lord?

Jesus asks us, “Why do you call Me “Lord,” but do not do the things that I say?”  His point, of course, is that His title is worthless if we’re not following His instructions.

Great Britain has royalty, but that royalty has very little power over the affairs of the nation.  Citizens of that country may bow, curtsy, and genuflect before their sovereigns, but that’s about as far as obedience goes.  Royalty is expected to keep to their honored place, but not intrude in the practical issues of the society or the daily affairs of any of its members. 

Jesus makes clear that He is not interested in such a role for Himself.  He wants real service, all the time, from devoted servants.  Unfortunately, most of the service given to Him in our world today is lip service.  That is, people say that He is Lord but live under their own autonomy.  This is no way to relate to God.

If you call Jesus “Lord,” ask yourself what you are doing today that constitutes loving Him with all that you are, and loving your neighbor as yourself? 

 The point of calling Him “Lord” is to have a relationship whereby His direction alters the shape of your life from the inside out.

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One Reply to “What’s the Point of Calling Him Lord?”

  1. Maximum score for this posting once again, Mike. 😉 It is the relationship with our Lord that matters most.

    I don’t know what I would do if I had to live without Him. When He is near, everything else disappears.

    Just call on Him if there’s anything you want, He has got everything to keep a heart satisfied.
    Just call Him, He is your friend who wants to be called by His name, and finally you will see: His name is like a drug making you addicted to His love. 🙂

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