What Does Jesus Want from Me?

Jesus wants you to 1) do right, 2) forgive others when they don’t do right to you, and 3) walk humbly through life with Him.  It’s that simple.

Jesus wants you to do what is right.  And, specifically, to do what is right according to His standards.  Not according to the world’s standards, not even according to your own standards, but according to His standards which are the highest of all.  He commands us to lay down our lives for those around us.  Thus, love is His standard.  This is the first thing – and the last thing –  He wants you to do: love.

Jesus also wants you to turn the other cheek, forgiving everyone who does not live according to the standard He just laid down for you.  “Shouldn’t they live this way, too?” you cry?  Of course, they should.  But Jesus wants you to forgive them when they don’t, just as He has forgiven you when you haven’t.  If you are unwilling to forgive them, you forfeit His forgiveness of you.  Governments exist to punish the wicked on God’s behalf; you, however, are not a government.  Therefore, be a merciful person so that the mercy of Jesus may follow you all the days of your life.

Lastly, Jesus wants you to walk humbly with Him.  That is, He wants the two of you to live life as the closest of companions.  Through the Holy Spirit who dwells in your heart, you have His abiding voice to guide and comfort you in every conceivable circumstance – and even those that are currently inconceivable.  He never intended you to live alone – He created you for constant companionship with Him.  Do not be proud, thinking you can live a good life without Him.  Be humble, and stay yoked to the One who Himself is humble.  Stay in step with Him, and doing right will come much more naturally.

Do right; forgive others; walk with Him.  That’s what Jesus expects of you.  Don’t make it more complicated than that, or else you might talk yourself into thinking that you don’t know what to do with your life.

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  1. I like particularly these sentences:

    ‘Through the Holy Spirit who dwells in your heart, you have His abiding voice to guide and comfort you in every conceivable circumstance – and even those that are currently inconceivable. He never intended you to live alone – He created you for constant companionship with Him.’

    Our Lord Jesus Christ – He always gives us His shoulder to rest, His comfort, and a shelter from the pain…

    When there’s nothing left but tears and emptiness, when we risked it all and are too weak to carry on, when the mysteries of the night without any light are floating by like an infinite darkness – He’s coming and it don’t matter when (I don’t know why I used the wrong “don’t” that should be “doesn’t” but it feels good 😉 ), picking us up in order to make us feel as happy as in spring, giving us good things as love and attention all the time.

    I feel always empowered to stick on His heart until it’s simply over again, because His Love amazes me. I think one who feels the same way I do will understand it. And indeed, though seasons change, His Love will not cease forever (1 Cor 13:8).

    Credo: I believe that God’s love is a mystery that is meant to be 🙂

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