The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

We have a lot in common with the Holy Spirit.  For one thing, we have a common mission.  He was sent into the earth to glorify Jesus Christ.  We who believe in Jesus Christ have been given the same assignment. 

A person who is sent does not seek his own interests, but rather he seeks the interests of the one who sent him.  Take, for example, an ambassador.  Upon appointment to an ambassadorship, a person cannot continue to pursue the business or other interests he previously had.  He must now pursue the interests of his country.  For this reason we are told very little about the Holy Spirit Himself.  He is in the earth, and in our hearts, to represent the interests of Jesus Christ – not Himself.  This is also true of us.  We are ambassadors for Christ, for God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, and He has committed to us this word of reconciliation.  It’s as if God is appealing to the world through the Holy Spirit who is in us, saying, “Be reconciled to God!”  In this regard, the Holy Spirit does not act independently of us but rather through us.  We are co-laborers with Him.

Because of this commonality of purpose, the Bible speaks of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit that you can enjoy.  Fellows.  Comrades.  Friends.  Companions.  All these terms speaks to the closeness of relationship you have with the Holy Spirit.  Remember, however, that the Holy Spirit is sent by God and therefore relating with you on behalf of God.  Therefore, your fellowship, comradeship, friendship, companionship are all with God – through the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is the abiding and active presence of God with us, but we must receive this presence by faith.  Faith, of course, is being sure and confident about things we cannot see with our physical eyes.  You must trust that He is with you.  If you do trust, you will sense His workings inside you – prompting you with thoughts, nudging you in directions, impressing you with conviction, and making you aware of things.

Yes, it is possible for you to ignore all these things and thus grieve the Holy Spirit.  Unfortunately, many children of God do just that.  I trust, however, that this will not be true of you.  Obey the Lord and you will sense the joy of the Holy Spirit as your reward. 

You need not ever address the Holy Spirit for He is there representing Jesus, your Father in heaven.  Address Jesus.  Worship and adore Him.   

Because you have been given the Spirit of God as an eternal gift, you can know that you will never be without His presence.  That is, your fellowship with God through Him is a continual and never-ending certainty.  Thus, the loneliness that seems to afflict so many humans need never touch your soul.  Therefore, do not capitulate to loneliness – it is a lie.  Trust in the trustworthiness of Jesus that His Spirit will abide with you forever.

Keep in mind also that the Holy Spirit brings you to the words of God and acts on the instructions of God.  Therefore, God’s presence with you is not silent.  God incessantly criticized idol worship in Bible times and one of His most frequent criticisms was that idols were mute.  That is, idols could not speak to those who worshiped them.  Thus God thought that the worship of them was particularly vain.  Our God speaks…through His Holy Spirit.

Enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  There is no good reason to deny yourself His comfort and fellowship.

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