Don’t Cover the Light of the World

In the Scriptures, Jesus Christ said, “I am the light of the world.”

Since He is the light, we should allow the radiance of His light to shine on every part of our lives, even to the deepest part of our individual hearts.  We should let His light drive out every vestige of darkness – replacing our ignorance of God with the knowing of God, replacing our unawareness of God with a constant consciousness of God.  Wherever His light is allowed to shine, it will brighten and guide all who bask in it.

The last thing we should do is cover up or obscure that Light.  Yet we do many things that cover up and block out the Light of the world.

Some of us, for example, teach that Jesus did not come again when He and His apostles said He would.  All over the world there are churches that teach a Second Coming that has been delayed hundreds and hundreds of years beyond the prophesied time frame.  These same churches will cite the Bible as their source and yet it is those very Scriptures that make clear the Second Coming was to have occurred within the generation that the New Testament documents were written.  How can we expect the world to believe in a Jesus who cannot tell time, who spoke misleadingly of His own Second Coming, and who prophesied falsely?  Yet Jesus does understand time, did not speak misleadingly, and prophesied truthfully in every respect.   He came when He said He would.  No one saw it with physical eyes because He came again as God, and God is spirit.  To teach otherwise is to cover His light and deprive the world of knowing how faithful He is to His promises.

Churches today have ample reason to deny that the Second Coming has been fulfilled as promised: they would lose members.  The purpose of the church in the New Testament was to prepare believers for the coming of the kingdom of God.  Shepherds were to keep watch over the flock of God in anticipation of that day.  Once the Chief Shepherd came, the human shepherds were no longer needed and were to turn the flock, as well as themselves, over to Him.  Many of these shepherds, however, became corrupt and sought to keep the disciples for themselves.  From this spirit have been spawned the tens of thousands of church denominations we see today.  The very existence of these divisions of Christianity testifies against them, that they are not God’s work.  Yet Christianity itself is His work, if you deem Christianity to be devotion to Jesus Christ and nothing more.  Churches today preach Him to some degree, but they mainly cover His Light by seeking devotion to themselves through rituals and programs.

Today’s churches proclaim faithfulness to Christ but they seek faithfulness to church, for if there is no faithfulness to church how will their bills be paid?  Yet Christ said that giving to the hungry, the naked, the least of His brethren, equated to giving to Him – not giving to a church.  Because in the generations that followed the apostles the church’s leaders were in error about the Second Coming, they thought erroneously about the nature of God and came up with the polytheistic concept of the trinity.  Because they conceived that the Second Coming would be in the flesh and at some time in the future, they were forced into a conception of God that kept Jesus in suspended animation.  Had they set their minds on the spirit instead of the flesh, as the apostle Paul had instructed, they would have understood that the difference between the Father and the Son was settled at the Second Coming.  It’s this simple: God became flesh and lived as Jesus of Nazareth; He was raised from the dead, and at the Second Coming the resurrected Jesus resumed His place as God and Father.  Simple…and sublime beyond measure.

The doctrine of the trinity may serve the church well but it does not serve the believer.  The believer is far better served by knowing the truth that God Himself walked the earth as Jesus of Nazareth.  That is, when you know Jesus, you know God – not just part of God.  God did not give a mere one-third of Himself for the redemption of the world – He gave Himself completely.  To deny the fullness of His sacrifice and the fullness of His Deity is to block His light and inhibit the intimacy He wants with every human being.

False, man-made doctrines cover the Light of the world.  Don’t cover Him.  See Him.  Know Him.  Adore Him.  Serve Him.

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8 Replies to “Don’t Cover the Light of the World”

  1. You’ve lost me with your blanket attack on churches, Mike. Certainly there are churches today that are in error in many ways–and some that are apostate. Churches are made up of people, and people are sinners (that includes you and me, Mike). That said, there are also many that teach the Word faithfully and proclaim the Gospel boldly. Your condemnation is a disservice to these servants and to the body of Christ as a whole. You speak against “giving to a church,” but let’s not forget that one of the primary sources of giving to the poor and needy is the very churches you condemn. Your remarks make me wonder what church or churches have hurt or disappointed you personally–thus driving your anger against “the church” in general. But then your blog isn’t supposed to be about you, right? Churches are imperfect expressions of our worship of the Lord in this fallen world. We all fall short of God’s glory, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep trying.

  2. Indeed we all fall short of God’s glory, and, yes, I am a sinner like you and everyone else. I am not, however, nursing any hurt, anger, or ill will. On the contrary, I love all my fellow human beings and especially those who love Jesus. And, yes, this blog is about Him. Those people in churches who preach Jesus and help the poor have my utmost respect and gratitude, but so also do those who preach Jesus and help the poor without a church.

    My objection is to the structure of church, which keeps people bound by seeking devotion that is due only to the Lord. Service to the Lord does not require service to the church. If we serve the Lord, we are the church. If we do His will, we are His body.

    Since the kingdom of God has come, church as a human social structure is no longer necessary for the worship of God. In fact, it’s become an impediment. For the true worship of God is not the singing of songs and ritualistic behavior but rather living righteously from a pure and humble heart. Let each of us – in each day that we live – be as a living sacrifice to Him, for He certainly has been a living sacrifice for us.

  3. I understand, Mike. The problem with your postings, however, is that not every church is “structured” in the way to which you object. It may well be that you don’t need a church to help your walk with the Lord, but there are many of us who depend on such churches to keep us on the straight and narrow. Some of us have even been saved because of such churches. You don’t need a sledgehammer to kill a fly. If you find something objectionable in a church or a group of churches, by all means take them to task. To paint all churches with the same brush, however, is irresponsible. The idea that the church is no longer necessary for worship may work for you, but your blanket dismissal is a discouragement to the many who have come to the Lord and who stay faithful because of a church–a flawed, struggling body that is still part of God’s plan. In the end, all this really is about you, and that’s fine. Just realize that it isn’t necessarily about the rest of us. God bless.

    1. If this were only about me, I would not have to write the blog. I could live in peace with God. As it is, however, I have a responsibility to make known the truth He has made known to me. It is indeed about the rest of you as well as me.

      You say your church is of God, and it is others that are not. Yet every church uses this justification – you can’t all be right. Meanwhile, Jesus said His church would be undivided. Come out of the church of the flesh (which is divided, with many leaders) and live in the church of the Spirit (which is united, with one Leader).

      I commend you and others who go to a church to learn about Christ (i.e. “some of us have even been saved” and “to help your walk with the Lord”), and I commend those churches for teaching about Him. Schools, however, intend to graduate their students; if there is no promotion, the school and student have failed. Today’s churches, however, seek to hold on to their students rather than help them graduate to that walk with the Lord. If they were truly trying to make disciples for the Lord, they would not try to keep the disciples for themselves.

      I appeal to you not to give up on my words too quickly just because they seem hard. Give them time. Ask the Lord in sincerity and in private about their truthfulness. I’ll be content with His judgment. He is a righteous judge but He also loves us all; and at least with this, I know you agree.

  4. ‘Wherever His light is allowed to shine, it will brighten and guide all who bask in it.’

    And that’s true indeed, Mike. He has chosen to call us out of darkness into His marvelous and holy Light.

    As for me, He was the shelter that took me in from the cold and out of the dark. I admit that He is the Light in my life [His Light that even makes the stars look like they’re not shining is just amazing 🙂 ].
    You won’t ever have to search any streets for affection when you got His Love, which is revealed in the Light of the Holy Spirit, in the fusing of our souls with His quiet Love that is peace and purity…

    We don’t have to wait until the end of the world when the heavens fall
    If we need His hand He will always be right there beside us when we call
    I believe that there’s nowhere in the world where you’d rather be
    Than together with Him who could happen to turn dreaming into reality 😉

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