The Teacher’s Helper

The Holy Spirit is God’s agent in the earth.  When we say “God speaks to us” we are being accurate enough.  If, however, we were to be more specific about it, we would say that He speaks to us by His Holy Spirit.

In fact, it was through the HolySpirit that God inspired all the prophets and apostles of Israel to write down what we now call the Bible or the Scriptures.  Thus the entire written word of God that has been preserved for us comes from God through His Holy Spirit.

This same Holy Spirit provided the power of God for insight and miracles that Jesus exhibited in His earthly ministry.  Jesus made it clear that the Spirit was given by the Father, and was the full extension of the Father’s heavenly presence into the earth.

This same Holy Spirit is given to all who in truth call upon the name of Jesus Christ.  The same Spirit that guided all the prophets, including King David in the psalms that he wrote, is the inheritance of every believer today.

Jesus now teaches from heaven.  His Holy Spirit dwells within us to bring us Jesus’ words.  It makes sense then that Jesus called His Spirit “the Helper.”  Thus we may think of the Holy Spirit as “the Teacher’s Helper.”

As the Helper, the Holy Spirit will never glorify Himself.  He comes to glorify Jesus.  He does this by making Jesus more known to you.  The fact that you trust Jesus to any degree at all is evidence of the Helper’s work in you.  He will bring to your remembrance all the things that Jesus has said.  He enables you to understand things that were previously mysteries to you.  He opens your eyes; He reveals truth.  He makes you wise, not in the ways of the wise and intelligent of the world, but wise in the ways of God’s righteousness and love.

Sometimes His work results in discrete new thoughts to your mind.  Other times, you simply find that you “know” something you did not know before.  This is especially true when it comes to knowing the right course of action to take in life – whether it is a great matter or a small one.  These are the things Jesus would do if He actually lived in your place.

When you are praying to Jesus, you can be aware that it is the Holy Spirit within you who is bringing the answers on Jesus’ behalf.  Since your body is thus a temple of the HolySpirit, you have a whole new way to think about yourself.  This certainly makes you more conscious of the sacredness of daily life.

When we look to Jesus, when we want to be taught His ways, the Bible says He “pours out” His Spirit upon us.  This speaks of the liberality with which He is willing to share His thoughts with us.  This may take some getting used to because these thoughts are not like those that are pouring out of our televisions, car radios, or computer screens.  They are the thoughts of God that speak of simpler – and grander – glories.  To receive such thoughts through God’s Spirit, you may need to make more room for them (for more on this, see  Make Room for the Holy Spirit).  God is willing to give us far more than we can receive.

Be humble therefore – willing to repent of anything that might displease Jesus.  Revere Him, and trust that His ways are better than any of the ways of the world.  Know that He will teach you everything you need to know about life and godliness…through the Teacher’s Helper who abides in you always.

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One Reply to “The Teacher’s Helper”

  1. It was a PLEASURE to read it, Mike. 🙂

    I believe that the instrument that the Spirit used to bring spiritual explanation into existence was the written word, i.e., the Bible [like a poet’s endless rhyme it inspires at each time 😉 ]. In fact, I love it because its verses seem to blow my mind every time; it’s such a mystery I tried to uncover someway from day one.

    However, as for spiritual truth and discernment (1 Cor 1:19; Phil 1:9; Heb 5:14), it was hard to see for me yet until the fireworks lit up the sky (that is, by spiritual enlightenment of the human mind, cf. Eph 1:18; Heb 6:4, 10:32).

    There are endless things to learn and know on this path that leads us home somehow…

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