Jesus of Nazareth Was a Teacher

When Jesus of Nazareth walked the roads of Judea, Samaria, and Galilee, He taught.  He was a Jewish rabbi; that is, a teacher.

The followers of Jesus were called disciples; that is, students or learners.

Jesus Christ was a teacher and His subject was God.

Even the miracles that Jesus performed were aspects of His teaching ministry.  When He gave sight to the blind, it illustrated how He opened people’s minds to God and the spiritual dimension.  When He healed the deaf, it reminded people how He enabled them to hear the word of God.  When He cleansed the lepers, people could visualize the stains of their sins being washed away by His forgiveness.

When Jesus suffered and died on the cross, that, too, was an object lesson.  He was teaching how to deal with unfairness in life.  And when He was raised from the dead, He demonstrated that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are filled with Christ’s teaching because whenever He opened His mouth, He was teaching.  He was the consummate teacher.  When His disciples called Him “Teacher,”  His response was that true disciples 1) would keep His words in their hearts (i.e. not quickly forget them), and 2) live and act in accord with those words (i.e. not merely give them lip service).  His teaching had power and He intended His listeners to benefit from that power.

When Jesus was raised from the dead to dwell in heaven, this did not mark the end of His teaching ministry.  On the contrary, His teaching on earth was just a foreshadowing of the continued and continuous teaching He would provide from heaven.  As He had preached a sermon on the mount of earth, so He still is preaching an ongoing sermon on the mount of heaven.  His ministry is an eternal ministry of teaching.

When the subject is God, who is your favorite teacher?  If it is not Jesus, who is it you think knows more about God?

When Jesus teaches about God, He is teaching about Himself.  Who then could know more about the subject matter?

There are many people today extolling Jesus – I am but one of them.  Those of us calling attention to Him, however, are not the teachers.  He is.  He wants to teach you about Himself.  He wants to do so today and every day.  His voice should be increasing, and my voice should be decreasing.  Go to the Source and do not get hung up with middlemen.

Jesus teaches us about Himself because He wants us to know Him.  He does not want us to be in the dark.  He thinks it’s to our disadvantage to be ignorant of Him.  Moreover, He doesn’t merely want us to know about Him – but also to know Him, that is experience Him, in the fullest possible way.

Of all the benefits that come from knowing Jesus, one of the most wonderful is that it gives us the opportunity and ability to imitate Him.  Thus He teaches us to be like Him.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start.  If so, remember that He summarized all His teaching with the instruction that we should love Him above everyone and everything else, and that we should love our fellow human beings enough to lay down our lives for them.  Everything He’s teaching from heaven today is consistent with that theme.  This theme was easy for Him to teach on earth, and it is easy for Him to teach from heaven, because it describes the way He is.  He practices what He preaches, because He preaches what he practices.  He is love.

You see Jesus by faith and you hear Him by remembering what He has said…and then letting Him elaborate on that in the quietness of your humbled heart.  What has He taught you about Himself today?  How are you going to imitate Him today?

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