Turn to the Lord and Remove the Veil

There is only one Lord.  His name is Jesus.  He is before you always, but  a veil may lie between you and Him so that you do not see Him.  Remove any such veil, for He wants you to see Him.  He wants you notice Him just as He notices you – which is all of the time, and out of a deep and abiding love.

When Jesus was raised from the dead and received into heaven, He promised to come again.  This was not a promise to come again according to the flesh as some say, for what need would He have to come again in the flesh?  He did more than enough for us in His earthly appearance, vanquishing our enemies and securing forgiveness for our sins.  It is not possible for Him to improve on that work.  No, His promise to come again was not according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.  That is, He would come again in His true and eternal nature – that is, as God.  Therefore, you do not see His return to earth with the eyes of the flesh but rather with the eyes of the spirit – which is your faith.

Jesus of Nazareth was fully man, but He was also fully God.  He was not one-third of a three-part God.  Rather He was Yahweh Himself, who had taught His people Israel for centuries and centuries that “the Lord is one.”  He did, however, empty Himself of His divine privileges and live on earth as Jesus of Nazareth with all the limitations of a human being.  He trusted in God; specifically, in the word of God.  He Himself had given all the promises an Israelite would need for life and godliness to His servants the prophets, who faithfully recorded them in the Scriptures.  Therefore, while on earth in human form, He was able to trust all the words He Himself had originally uttered.  Indeed, they were sufficient for Him to live the life of grace, generosity, and miraculous power that He lived – and also to raise Him from the dead after its conclusion of ultimate restraint in the face of ultimate persecution.  His Second Coming, as it has come to be called, was simply His returning to be seated on the very throne He had left in order to serve us.

The Messiah was a role God had created for Himself from the beginning of the world, though He did not tell anyone that He Himself would be the one to fill that role.  All the promises regarding the person and work of Messiah in the Old Testament were made in shadows, types, mysteries, and even seemingly contradictory specifications.  Only when Jesus was raised from the dead was it clear how Messiah could be both a “suffering servant” and a “glorious king.”  (Even now the Creator of the universe is both a suffering servant and a glorious king, isn’t He?) 

Since the corruption of the original creation in the garden of Eden, God had looked forward to the day when He would create a whole new world around Messiah.  For this reason He chose Noah and delivered him from the destruction of the flood.  For this reason He chose Abraham and gave him a posterity.  For this reason He chose Moses and established the nation of Israel.  For this reason He chose David and gave him the vision of a descendant who would be a mighty king, one who would conquer all and reign forever.  In choosing the Messiah, God was choosing Himself to be the ultimate and eternal Deliverer of His people.  Only He could fill that role!

It did not suit God’s purpose to reveal Messiah’s true identity until the work had been completed.  Just as Jesus instructed His apostles not to reveal His identity as Messiah until after He was raised from the dead, so the Messiah did not give instructions to reveal His identity as God until after He had come again.

This Messiah comes now to your heart, saying, “Believe in Me, for I am the Lord your God.”  If you trust Him, the veil is removed.  Do not let the veil return.  (As you have received Him, so you must walk in Him.)

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  1. jesus removed my veil, i am a believer. god bless all children of god and may the unrightous find the lord as i once was not a believer.

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