Will You Serve the One the World Rejects?

There is a simple reason why the world rejects Jesus.  It is that the world does not want to do His will.  Rather, it wants to do its own will.  The issue is no more complicated than this. 

Jesus asserts moral authority and human nature does not want to submit to it.  “Why, to accept Jesus’ authority I’d have to admit I’ve been wrong, and I might have to do things for people that I don’t want to do!” – this is the root of why people reject Him.

It is impossible to be indifferent toward Jesus.  He claims to be “the light of the world.”  You can act like you didn’t hear Him, but He knows better.  If He is indeed the light of the world, then to accept Him is to be enlightened; to reject Him is to remain in darkness.  He expects to have this polarizing effect on humanity.  He desires that every single one of us embraces the light.  But the choice is ours.

For some people, acknowledging or accepting Jesus means no more than lip service.  That is, they will say they believe in Jesus.  They may even say that they walk in His presence.  Their behavior, however, does not change.  This is not truly serving Jesus, or even truly acknowledging or accepting Him.

The world does not want to acknowledge Jesus for the very reason that He will require changes in their behavior.  Give them this – they know that lip service is not enough.  In fact, because they know this the world is quick to condemn Christians who are Christians in name only.  Everyone – the world included – knows deep down that true acknowledgment of God means service to Him.

We serve God when we live for His purposes instead of our own.  We serve God when we love God with all that is within us, and then our neighbors as ourselves.  We serve God when we lay down our lives for those around us. 

Even though our service to God be true, yet the world will not commend us for exceeding lip service.  They have their autonomy to protect and cannot afford to abet righteous living.  We must be content with God’s praise alone. 

Service to God will not make us wealthy in worldly terms, but we will always have more than we need.  Service to God will not make us famous, but with heaven as our audience what need do we have of earthly fame? 

To serve the One that the world rejects means all your actions will have different motivations.  You will confess your selfishness to Him.  You will acknowledge your hidden sins.  You will stop living in denial of your self-centered life.  Instead, you will seek to please Him in every way.  You will still have ambition, but it is ambition  for very different things.  You are not seeking to keep up with the Jones’s, you are seeking to keep up with Him.

To serve means “to be of value to.”  Each morning you will wake up asking Him, “How can I be of more value to You today?”  That’s how you will know that you indeed are serving – and have rightly acknowledged – the One the world has rejected.

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