Will You Acknowledge the One the World Rejects?

The world rejects Jesus Christ.  Though He is Creator of all we enjoy – as well as all that we are – we as a society do not show Him the respect He is due.  People consider it inappropriate to mention His name in business or social discourse.  Schools allow only passing references to Him in history, while discussion of His moral views are considered completely off-limits.      

The rejection of Jesus in this age is merely an echo of the rejection seen in the days of His flesh.  You know of how Jesus was scourged, spat upon, reviled, and ultimately nailed to a wooden cross along with common criminals.  The echoes of rejection never end because the world is determined to live without the constraints of submission to God. 

The world’s determination to reject Jesus will never be quenched by appeasement or accommodation.  When I was a child you only heard general references to Jesus at Christmas and Easter.  Today’s children have limited opportunity to hear references to Him even then.  Only when there is no reference to Jesus whatsoever in life will the world be satisfied.   

What will you and I do about this?  If we try to change the world, we will bite off more than we can chew.  It is challenge enough that you should try to change you and I should try to change me.  And what change shall we seek?  Simply this: where the world rejects Him, we will acknowledge Him. 

We will acknowledge His presence, His goodness, and His power – everywhere…and at all times.  Starting now.  He is with you as you read these words.  He will be with you when you get up and move on to your next activity, and the activity after that.  There is no place in the world you can go that you will not be able to acknowledge His presence.

One of the problems with churchgoing is that churchgoers think God is present at church.  This notion subtly implies that He is more present in some places than others.  This becomes idolatry where we restrict God’s presence to physical objects and places.  For this reason, there is no virtue in attending church, and there is no virtue in avoiding church.  There is only virtue in acknowledging His presence at all times and in all places.

How do you think about God when you attend a place of worship?  Then just think of Him that way now…and always.  Conduct yourself just as you would if He were physically standing by your side everywhere you go…because He is spiritually standing by your side everywhere you go.

To acknowledge Him is to live in an entirely new way.  Everything will look different to you.  Of course, this is exactly what He intends.  This will make you different from others.  Why?  Because most of them are rejecting Him.  That is, you are doing the exact opposite of what the world at large is doing.  You are acknowledging the One who they are rejecting.  This is the price you pay for intimacy with Him.  Is intimacy with your Creator worth that price to you?

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