The Lord Is Good

The Lord God created the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them.  Some people today object to the Genesis account of creation on scientific grounds, but such arguments are ridiculous.  If God were to explain creation in terms understandable to the 21st century scientific mind, how valuable will that explanation be to the people of the 22nd century?  Or the 23rd?  Scientific advancement has rendered obsolete science texts books of a century ago.  God’s written word has to serve the spiritual needs of humanity in every age.  Therefore, the Genesis account is a poetic and eternal one, and not a scientific one.  It is the responsibility of scientists in every age to reconcile their findings to the truth of Scripture; it is not the responsibility of God to change Scripture every time humanity discovers something new about His universe.  (For more, see Why the Bible Can Be Trusted .)

So far, we have only been discussing the first three words of the title, “The Lord Is…”  Let us move on to the fourth, for that is the point of this post.

The Lord has demonstrated His goodness through the countless good things we find in His creation.  Indeed, when He had finished His work, He pronounced all of it good.  Only afterward, through the doorway of humanity’s sins, did anything evil show up in this world.  Even today, in a world where sin abounds, so also does His goodness abound.  Pause and consider some of the good things He has done that benefit you at this moment.  You cannot count them all.  His goodness is far too abundant to fully quantify. 

While God’s goodness through creation is indeed overwhelming, His goodness through the life of Jesus Christ is even greater!  Consider the manifold acts of charity performed by Jesus of Nazareth.  Search all the annals of history and you will not find another life that approaches it.  Yea, search all the chronicles of all the religions of the world and you will not find another life that approaches it.  Jesus did not merely teach, He acted…with the power of God to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and sustain the poor.  Consider also the kindnesses He showed His enemies in not exercising judgment upon them, but rather warning them to repent so that the judgment for their sins would not reach them.  No, you cannot find another life like His.  You can be sure that His life set a standard for human love which will never be exceeded.

Yet  His goodness as demonstrated through Jesus’ earthly life was only the beginning.  Jesus was raised from the dead to live and reign as Lord forevermore.  (For more, see The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Changed Everything .)  God Himself was in Christ.  Therefore, when Jesus was raised from the dead, God Himself was rising to rule and reign through Christ for the rest of eternity.  (For more, see Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again , The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now , and All Bible Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled .)

To demonstrate His goodness through creation did not cost Him very much.  Creation was simply the exercise of His omnipotent power.  To demonstrate His goodness through Jesus Christ, however, cost Him everything.  Yet He is not the poorer for it; on the contrary, He is richer than ever!  So also, we needn’t worry about becoming poor if we abandon our sins and become devoted to Him, for we ourselves will  be richer than ever…with His riches!

The Lord is good.  You must not merely believe the first three words.  You must believe the fourth as well.

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