He Who Withholds His Name Does Not Want To Be Contacted

Most of us have found ourselves in situations where we did not want to give our name.  Maybe it was a pesky sales rep or a political survey taker, but whatever the reason, we did not want to be found.  People are slow to give their name when they are reluctant to be identified or found.

By contrast, when you want to be contacted you are very quick to give your name.  Maybe you’re seeking a job or maybe you’re trying to find romance – in either of those cases, you’re going to want your targets to know your name.

Consider then how clearly and loudly God has made known His name – Jesus Christ.  Consider what that says about God’s interest in being contacted.  If He did not want to be reached, He could have spared Himself a lot of contact  by withholding His name.

Consider also how the name of Jesus Christ came to be known to the world – after His crucifixion and resurrection.  Prior to that, Jesus only walked roads of His homeland, ancient Israel.  He was utterly unknown to the wider world.  Yet, after being raised from the dead, He commissioned His band of Jewish followers to take His name to the uttermost parts of the earth.  Whether the world’s inhabitants believed or disbelieved, in neither case could they deny that the story was memorable.  God intended it to be memorable because He wanted His name remembered…so He would be contacted.

Name is identity.  Name also is reputation.  God not only wants to be contacted, He wants us to come to Him with certain expectations.  He has raised these expectations by what He has revealed about His character.  Jesus, in His earthly life, was a rewarder of all who sought Him.  Thus we may know that He acts similarly from the heavenly dimension.  As it took faith to draw on His power while He was on earth, it takes faith to draw on His power from heaven.  Those who do not believe have no way to receive.  And those who don’t care about pleasing Him have no basis for faith in the first place.

If a father bears a son but never makes himself available to that son, do we not rightly say that the father is a deadbeat?  God conceived you to spend time with you and to be available to you all the days of your life.  He is no deadbeat.  He will answer to the call of His name.  When He does, will you believe that He is listening…or will you be waiting for some further sign before you are willing to believe?

And how often will you call on His name?  Just consider today – how often have you called on His name?  You can do so quickly and under your breath.  You can even do so from your heart without anyone else hearing a physical sound. 

Consider this: if God wanted limited contact with you, He could have remained in the flesh because there is no way that someone in the flesh can be with you all the time.  You could say, therefore, that the reason Jesus was raised to heaven is so that He could be with you every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of your life. 

How often do you make the contact?

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