The Enjoyment of God

If you know that Jesus Christ is the exact representation of God, and if you are repenting of your sins and seeking to imitate Him, then you can enjoy God…and He can enjoy you.

God always intended that we should enjoy living with Him.  Sin blocks that process, but forgiveness of sins unblocks it.  This is why relating to God through Jesus Christ is so productive.  By His very existence, Jesus Christ speaks of the forgiveness that God is willing to give us.

When there is no block between you and God, you enjoy the fact that He reigns over the universe while He counts the very hairs on your head.  You know that He is paying attention to all that you do for Him.  You know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.  You feel secure because He is a loving Father upon whom you can always depend.  He is everything –  and more  – that you could ever want any father to be!

When you walk with God, you enjoy doing good things for others.  Even when they don’t appreciate it, God does.  You feel good inside and your face brightens because you are doing those things you were created to do – that is, showing kindness in every act whatever the act may be.

What I mean is that this moral pleasure comes to you regardless of whether you are a student, or an office worker, or mother.  In every one of these roles, you shine forth the light of God.  You live just as God would live if He walked in your shoes.  Therefore, your life is a blessing to everyone around you.

It’s not just you who enjoys God, however.  In this life I am describing, He enjoys you as well.  How enjoyable is it for Him, you ask?  Well, Jesus said there was more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine persons who need no repentance.  Infants need no repentance and you can imagine God has a great deal of joy over them – even we evil humans automatically cheer up at the sight of a newborn.  Jesus Christ is the only adult who never needed to repent and God certainly had pleasure in Him, speaking proudly from the clouds, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  So, we can know that however much joy infants and Jesus instilled in God – you and I instill even more when we turn to God and live for Him day by day.  Can you imagine!

Are you willing to let God enjoy you today?  Are you willing to let Him enjoy you to the fullest?  You and God – two close friends, enjoying each other and doing everything together.  Inseparable.  You looking out for His interests, He looking out for your interests.  

This friendship does not depend on circumstances.  The two of you stick together through thick and thin.  For better or worse.  When you slip and sin, He will forgive you, cleanse, and pick you up to continue walking with Him.  It is a friendship that endures any and every challenge.

 The enjoyment of God – it works both ways.  Let it work…today and every day.

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