Don’t Bring God into Your Life; Enter His Instead

A common mistake we can make when seeking an active relationship with God is to attempt to bring Him into our world.  While this is commendable to some extent, it will ultimately fail.  There are several reasons for this.

Our world is, by definition, a self-centric world.  This is at odds with the very way God would have us live.  In fact, it’s the fundamental problem with the way we have been living up to this point: that is, we’ve been living self-centeredly, or selfishly.  We have been the center of all our thoughts.  Our interests have marked the beginning and end of all our thought processes.  Therefore, even though we do well to acknowledge God, this self-centered worldview will undermine the life we seek to live with and for Him.

The second reason that bringing God into our world doesn’t work is that our world is the world of flesh, that is the world of what is visible.  This worldview has never worked for us in the past because it is a darkened world – a world without recognition of the spiritual dimension where God dwells.    In such a darkened world, you never see any issue in its fullness.  It’s an attitude that says subconsciously, “God is elsewhere.”

Thirdly, the whole idea of “bringing God into your world” diminishes the status and place He deserves.  It places God in the role of a “supporting character” in the drama of your life.  He, however, is the central character in all of life and we are the supporting players – not because of any ego needs He has (Jesus Christ demonstrated dramatically that God has no ego problem), but because as the Creator and Sustainer of life He is central to it.  To view life any other way is to view it unrealistically.

Therefore, our right relationship with God is achieved by entering into His life.  Every room we enter, we do so acknowledging that He is already there and already has an agenda.  We enter every room seeking His interests, not our own.  The story of the good Samaritan amply demonstrates this point.  A certain man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho and was accosted by criminals who robbed him, beat him, and left him for dead.  After two people passed by without offering any aid, the fellow we call the good Samaritan came along.  He cared for the victim, put him up at an inn for the night, and left money with the innkeeper for his further care.  As a result, the good Samaritan must have been at least a day late and a dollar short for his original appointment.  Nonetheless, this did not bother him because he was operating according to God’s agenda, not his own.

When you enter into God’s life, one of the first things you notice is that it’s a solo experience.  That is, others generally do not join in the process.  Oh, they will acknowledge His presence if they’re in a religious building, especially if it’s a scheduled time to “worship.”  Recognizing God everywhere, however, is something you have to do on your own – in the integrity of your own heart.  In other words, if you do it, only God will see it.  (Others will merely see the beneficial consequences of your having done it.)  That God alone sees your acknowledgement of Him, however, is all the audience you need. 

Entering the life of God is something you must do alone.  You cannot take anyone through those gates with you, nor can anyone piggyback you into it.  If you are unwilling to be swayed by the myriad ways that most people – including many self-proclaimed Christians – ignore the God who is all around them all day long, you will do well living in the life of God.

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  1. Wow, this is a simple yet very powerful point. How often do I try to bring Him of infinite dimensions into my little world of 3 dimensions…how often do I ignore Him who is with me all day long.

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