To My Buddhist Friends

I hope you will not think my words too forward.  Even if you do, please be patient enough to read at least a little of what I have written.  For once you have read enough of this blog to understand its central message, I trust that you will appreciate the love and integrity that impel me to write it.

You may see words and phrases on this blog that you have seen before, and thus think you understand my message.  However, you have probably only heard part of the story of Jesus Christ.  Once you have heard His story in its fullness, I believe you will acknowledge that it truly is music to any ears that long to hear of peace with our Creator.

May I ask that you read the Introduction?  Or another place you could start would be Churchless Christians .  You do not have to read everything on this site.  I am not looking for any followers.  On the contrary, I am pointing you to the One who abides with you always – the One who will teach you all you need to know.  He died and rose again from the dead that we might not be separated by religion, culture, or heredity.

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