Churchless Christians

Jesus Christ is God.  God is spirit.  He is everywhere.  There’s nowhere on earth you can go where He isn’t.  Therefore, to have faith in Him simply requires that you trust and act on that reality.  You don’t need a church to do that.  This is very important, especially if you are a Jew, a Muslim, or come from any other religious tradition.  You do not need to exchange your current religious tradition for church tradition in order to become a Christian.  You become a Christian by trusting in Christ – trusting that He died on the cross and was raised from the dead all to give you a new life.  Not by joining a group.

This issue of “trading” social or religious groups is sometimes a big, and certainly an unnecessary, stumbling block to faith in Christ.  Christ is sinless, churches are not.  Churches have their share of well-intentioned though flawed people as well as hypocrites.  I’m sure the same is true for synagogues, mosques, and most other groupings of organized religion.  In other words, you find generally the same mix of people in organized religion as you find in general life.  Even among atheists and agnostics there are variations in moral character – some good, some bad.  Therefore, it’s not as if person is “trading up” by dropping their current religious group in order to go to church.

Can you really be a churchless Christian?  Sure, you can.  Just as you can be a Christless churchgoer.  It is Christ who makes you a Christian.  Faithfulness to Christ, not to any other person or group is what makes you a Christian.

Live for Christ regardless of your ethnic or religious background.  How do you do this?  By seeing Him everywhere you go.  By living according to His law of love.  By doing everything in life – everything – out of devotion to Him rather than for any other reason.  As you do this, sooner or later you will be persecuted.  Why?  Because this world is hostile to God, and therefore it is hostile to anyone who lives for God.  I wish it were not so – but it is.

Persecution, however, is no obstacle to loving God.  It is merely another opportunity to demonstrate your love for Him.  As He suffered for you, you suffer for Him.  This is what people do who love each other.  They bear any burden in order to be together.  Through Jesus Christ, God left the protections and conveniences of heaven to walk this earth with us.  The world had been rejecting Him for ages as He dwelt in heaven – how much more when He came to earth!  And reject Him it did.  Yet it could not deny Him for He came back from the dead as determined as ever to love humanity.  To those who receive His love, there is a great salvation in the earth from all evil.  The Lord Himself is our salvation.  Just being with Him is salvation.

Being churched or churchless is not the issue.  The only issue is whether you are with Him.

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