Don’t Tell Anyone You’re a Christian Right Away

When you make the decision to follow Jesus Christ, don’t tell anyone right away.  The reason for this is that you first need to build up your faith, and faith is something between you and God.  Faith is a conviction you have.  You can tell someone that you have a conviction, but that doesn’t really mean you have a conviction.  It just means that you’ve told someone you have a conviction.  Only God knows if you really have one.  Therefore, let yourself be fully convinced of the reality of Jesus Christ.  Walk before Him.  Think your every thought in His loving and glorious presence.  Do this day after day.  Let your life be changed as you live it in His eyes.  The more you do this, the more convinced, assured, and confident you will become and the stronger your faith will become.

Sharing your faith with others prematurely might expose it to damage when it is weak and vulnerable.  For example, you may tell someone who, it turns out, is hostile to the idea of God in social discussions.  You may be criticized, or even shunned for what they perceive to be your effrontery.  Rest assured that many people are completely intolerant of someone acting like God is actually omnipresent.  This can be very disturbing to you and may set you back.  Like a seed that is dug up before its shoot has broken the surface, or like an infant who is exposed to the elements, you may find that the shock to your system is too much.  Many well-intentioned people have let go of their faith when it was challenged in its early stages.  Guard your faith until it is strong enough to withstand rejection. 

It’s not just hostile environments, though, that can be destructive of your budding faith.  Sharing your faith with those who are friendly to it can create problems as well.  You can see one of the most common problems in those churches or evangelistic crusades where people are called to declare their new faith immediately, usually by walking to the front of the meeting hall or by calling a toll-free phone number.  Then the new believer is surrounded by supporters who encourage faith with warm approval, lots of literature, and invitations to follow-up meetings.  What is wrong with this?  It tends to make the new believer trust in all the people instead of God.  Thus, many people today who think they are trusting in God are merely trusting in church or in their Christian friends.  This is not faith in God, it is faith in people…and it will fail.

True faith is in God alone.  Let it grow.  Nurture it.  The time will soon come when you are strong enough to believe in God without affirmation from any other human being.  Certainly the time will come when you will want to confess your faith in Christ before others.  When that time comes, you will honor God because you will be speaking from inner conviction.

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