Spiritual Blindness

A person who is spiritually blind doesn’t see God.  That is, if there are three men in a room he only sees three people…when, in fact, God is the fourth person in the room.  Because Jesus Christ really lived on the earth as flesh and blood, we can more easily picture that fourth person (without Jesus, God would be much harder to imagine).  Nonetheless, a spiritually blind person will act as if only three people are there. 

Is this a practical issue?  Absolutely.  We react to the people we are around.  If we see someone standing, we may offer them a chair.  If they’ve just entered the building, we may offer them something to drink.  God is spirit so He has no need of these things.  Because He cares about people, however, He’s pleased when we offer the chair or the water to the others.  Therefore, just because Jesus is always in the room doesn’t mean you interact with Him the same way you do others.  It does mean that you treat the others in a way that pleases Him because you love Him and want to please Him.  This is not so much of a problem when all people need is a chair or glass of water; it can be a problem if they need forbearance, patience, or forgiveness.  That’s why Jesus is in all the rooms – to give you the strength to offer those things that otherwise you might be lacking.

While it’s unfortunate that many people are spiritually blind and therefore don’t see Jesus in the rooms where they go, it is not strange.  What is strange is a person who says he believes in Jesus, but who doesn’t think about Jesus’ presence in a room.  He may think about Jesus at church, but Jesus in the office?  Jesus in the restaurant?  Jesus in the family room?  To these realities, he gives no thought.  As a result, he thinks and behaves, in our first example, like there are only three people in the room.  That means he’s spiritually blind, even though he says he can see.  Now that’s strange.  

Fortunately, there is a cure for spiritual blindness.  Any person can open his mind to the fact that Jesus is omnipresent.  He can keep in his consciousness an awareness of His Divine presence.  It will make all of his life holy.  He sees God everywhere.  In this way he becomes godly, for it is impossible to maintain an awareness of God’s presence without having your sinful thoughts challenged and your righteous thoughts affirmed. 

It is harder to be cured of spiritual blindness when you insist that you can already see.  Spiritual blindness is not rooted in the cornea but in the will.  First, you have to admit that you’ve only been willing to see God in certain places and at certain times.  Once you do that, there’s no more difficulty and you, too, can be healed of spiritual blindness.  But the will is no small stumbling block, and some people have a hard time getting over it.  How many people are in the room where you are now?

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