The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now

Anyone familiar with the New Testament would acknowledge that the kingdom of God (sometimes called “the kingdom of heaven”) was the main theme of Jesus’ public teaching ministry.  Both He, and John the Baptist before Him, came preaching, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”  This message of repentance in preparation for the coming kingdom was accepted by Jesus’ apostles who, after His resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven, carried it throughout the world.  Ancient Israel had long cherished the hope of God’s reign (or rule) in place of ungodly worldly powers.  That is, the Old Testament had often anticipated when God Himself would indeed be King; the New Testament witness was that the time had come.

Assuming both testaments of the Bible are trustworthy, and since two thousand years have come and gone, we can safely assume the kingdom has long since come.  And since it was described as a kingdom that would never end, we can safely assume it is still here in our midst.  That its coming was not chronicled at the time is no surprise since Jesus had said He, the King, would come like a thief in the night.  That we cannot see it now is no surprise since Jesus said this kingdom was not coming with signs to be observed.

We should not be shocked that the kingdom of God is invisible, for God Himself is invisible.  As for visible kingdoms, ancient Israel (glorious as it was at times) amply demonstrated their inability to adequately serve God.  Even the New Testament church, glorious as it was (and it was indeed populated by some of the finest human beings Israel, or humanity, has ever produced), would become corrupt and apostate just before the kingdom came – thus demonstrating most dramatically how inadequate were kingdoms governed by men.

The kingdom that God has brought to us certainly cannot be shaken.  Its incorruptible head is Jesus Christ Himself.  Having demonstrated His nature and His power on the earth, He has come again – this time in spirit – to reign in every human heart (for more on this, see Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again).  This is the kingdom that ancient Israel in the Old Testament foreshadowed, just as the church of the New Testament further foreshadowed it.  Those shadows, however, cannot fully reveal the glory of God in His kingdom which is without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.

In its simplest formulation, the kingdom of God is this: King Jesus reigning in your heart.  He told us that we should love Him and love one another.  And He made clear that love means not even thinking negatively toward your brother.    If you obey Jesus in all that you think, then everything you say and do will take care of itself.

One of the parables Jesus told about the kingdom depicted the smallest of seeds becoming the largest of trees.  A single person – Jesus of Nazareth – has become King of the greatest of kingdoms.  If you submit your heart to His rule, the glory of His kingdom will be reflected in your life.  What is the main law of His kingdom?  That we think, speak, and act as He did.  That is to say, according to love.

For more context, see this overview.

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38 Replies to “The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now”

    1. I agreed 100% with this teaching, God is spirit so His Kingdom is everlasting, I just responded to End Time ministry about this very subject. We are in the new covenant and we are spiritual being, our eternal already began, it just depend dark or light, Jesus is the light and the kingdom of darkness is of this world. If we have God spirit and walk with Him like the book of roman mentioned and then are the sons of God and if we’re not then we are not His and we are walking in darkness and when our very last breath taken from us then we will be in darkness continue forever or being God’s sons which is LIGHT forever!!!

        1. Everyone is going to heaven when they die I’m not sure i understand. Do you mean no matter what you do on earth and no matter how someone sins that we are still all going to heavenÉ

  1. I am glad to come across this blog; I mean it is something to know that someone really bears witness to the Kingdom of God at a time like this and most gladdening to know that someone know of the end of the church age. It was a big deal for me to know that the church isn’t the particular design that the LordJesus had in mind and that was some years back. Though it has remain unpopular knowledge today as most people who profess to be born of God ignore the Kingdom of GodJesus in our midst for the great gathering.
    The gospel of the Kingdom has not been in preaching for a long time hence the end hasn’t come. It is true the LordJesus is with us and willing that everyone that is born of Him come to abide where He is in His ARK (His Kingdom) which is something I also shared in Everlasting Truth (a blog).
    You might need to consider the fact that we have eternal Life as a gift from our Baba, Jesus.

  2. Romade: If you are looking for more information concerning the Kingdom of God you may want to check out this website. It is currently under construction and not complete as of date but there are many teachings (video & written) concerning this very subject. You can also find my testimony concerning my “Kingdom Awakening” as well as others whom Jesus has revealed himself.

    May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be yours in abundance today!

  3. The Kingdom of God -When Jesus walked the earth He said the ‘Kingdom of God is in your midst’. He also said He is the way, He is the truth, He is the life, He is the door. God is spirit, the spirit of truth, life, the way and the door is the spirit of Jesus. If He dwells in you, it becomes the key&door to the Kingdom of God. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you, the Holy Spirit is the key/portal to the Kingdom of God. The key of David! To seek the Kingdom of God is to seek the Holy Spirit &His righteousness. If it comes in you, you are living in the Kingdom here on earth and when it’s your time to depart the earth, you simply pass through that gate/door/portal and you are instantly in the presence of God in heaven/spirit where abundant life abounds. The Lord (land lord) Himself said that ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away but MY WORD will not pass away’. If you are in Jesus and He in you, you have eternal life.

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