Judgment Is Upon Us

This is a moral universe.  Even the presence of evil is proof of this, for if it were not a moral universe then no one would be calling anything evil.

It’s obvious that creation has many wondrous facets (just think of the last sunset you viewed).  It’s equally obvious that some aspects of creation have gone terribly awry (just think of the last news report you heard which spoke of some grisly crime).  The Bible is clear that mankind’s sinning is the source of all that is wrong in the world.  In some cases, the sins come before the judgment such that there’s no mystery.  (Think of the businessman who is widely known as a thief and a cheat, and then ultimately loses all he has.)  In other cases, we don’t see the sin but only the judgment.  (In those cases, we’re confused.)  What causes even more confusion is when the innocent become victims of judgment.  (In these cases, we’re more than confused.)  The limited information we have as human beings thus prevents us from fully appreciating the morality of God’s judgments in the earth.  Even so, we still know it’s better not to sin.

This view of life is the one held by the prophets of the Old Testament, and we do well to maintain it.  A healthy appreciation of judgment in the earth helps to keep us walking “the straight and narrow.”

While God must judge the earth righteously and cannot overlook sin (just as governments cannot look the other way when people break their laws), He has provided for all of us a way of finding help even in time of judgment.  Through Jesus Christ, God momentarily shed His judge’s robes, came to earth, and lived as a human being.  He was subject to all the temptations we are – but He did not give in to them.  Nonetheless, He became subject to the judgment of crucifixion.  Now there’s a case that was morally confusing to the folks who were watching!  A righteous man was treated like a cursed sinner – and God stood by, not lifting a finger to stop it.  (We should simply acknowledge that we’re not always going to understand God’s judgments in the moments they occur; understanding often comes later.)

Once He was raised from the dead, Jesus ascended into heaven and ultimately donned again His judge’s robes.  Now He sits not just as Judge, but also as Deliverer.  Trust in Jesus Christ.  Look to Him every day.  Do what is right in His eyes.  He will protect you from all evil.  In any and every circumstance, you can have peace.  Even if all we have is food and covering, with these we can be content for the Lord Himself will deliver us from all evil.

Living for Jesus will enable us to survive the sin and judgments that are in the earth, and also will keep us from the sinning that would bring even more judgment.  Rejoice in Him who loved us and who released us from our sins by His blood.

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