The Kingdom of God Is a Salvation of the Soul…Not Circumstances

The great salvation God grants us through Jesus Christ – which He called “the kingdom of God” – is not of our circumstances whereby everything in life goes the way we want.  Unfortunately, some people never get over the notion that their peace and joy are a function of having money, or friends, or great achievements.  Therefore, when they turn to God they want Him to improve all these aspects of their lives so they can have peace and joy.  Somehow, it escapes their notice that there are always people in the world who have lots of money, plenty of friends, and have accomplished great things…and yet are miserable.  The story of the world is the story of the heartbreak that comes when people chase fame, fortune, and beauty thinking these things will bring them lasting happiness.  When we turn to God, we should not think He is going to act on such a demonstrably-failed principle.

Jesus famously asked, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”  He knew that life is lived in the soul.  The soul is the intersection of our spirit and our body, the place where our thoughts and feelings are experienced.   Jesus also knew that true inner happiness comes, not from living selfishly, but rather from living unselfishly.  Therefore, He points out the great irony of heaping up worldly goods only to lose possession of one’s own soul to the greed that drove the process.  Truly His kingdom is different from the kingdoms of this world.

By His earthly life, Jesus demonstrated to us the power that comes from living selflessly.  Jesus did not try to live this way under His own power.  Instead, He trusted His Father in heaven.  Since Jesus now reigns in heaven Himself, He is able to be a Father to you as you seek to live selflessly.  As you live your life for Him, instead of living it for yourself, He will fill your soul with peace and joy no matter what your earthly circumstances.  And He will continually supply all you really need in life.

When you trust in God and do the right thing, you feel good in your heart.  It’s just that simple.  You don’t have to worry about running out of patience or running out of kindness because He will always give you more.  In any and every circumstance you now know the secret of having an abundance or suffering need.  That is, you can do all things through Jesus Christ who empowers you to do the loving thing in the moment.  Yes, selflessness is just another word for love.  And God is love.  Therefore, God is selflessness.

Therefore, we do not look to our circumstances for the peace and joy we seek in life.  Rather, we look to the Kingwho is able to give us peace and joy in any and all circumstances as we seek to let Him show His selflessness through us.  As you do this, you will hear His encouraging voice in your heart, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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14 Replies to “The Kingdom of God Is a Salvation of the Soul…Not Circumstances”

  1. ‘The story of the world is the story of the heartbreak that comes when people chase fame, fortune, and beauty thinking these things will bring them lasting happiness.’

    That’s right in my experience. Or in other words, one might also say,

    “The story of the Kingdom of God is the story of human hearts healed when people chase the things that are above realizing these things bring them lasting happiness.”

    Somehow I could take all the similar lessons learned from overthinking and analyzing my past being convinced that only fools chase rainbows. Nevertheless, I keep on chasing rainbows (that last eternally), taking delight in every little thing with no guarantee but hope (to some it’s like living in a fantasy and I know I cannot demonstrate it); and it’s all because of Him. Finally, it’s all about Him, since He is the reason that I breathe and that I do believe.

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