Do You Love What Is Right?

Do right and wrong matter to you?  Do you love what is right and good,  and hate what is wrong and evil?  If so, I have good news for you:  Jesus Christ rules the universe and He loves righteousness and hates lawlessness.  That is, He feels the same way you do about good and evil.  In fact, He feels even more strongly about it than you do.  Therefore, you can feel a certain affinity with your Creator on this most essential point.

I should quickly add, however, that while we may be similar to God in this regard there is also a major point of departure: He lives up to His standards and we don’t.  That is, while we may hate evil we can still find ourselves engaging in it – whether seldom or frequently.  This is an unpleasant fact.  And it gets worse.  For the more we sin, the more it takes the edge off of our love for what is good.  So, while it’s a good thing that we love righteousness, we have difficulty achieving it.

What about the world we live in – how helpful is it to our pursuit of righteousness?  Well, frankly, it is altogether unhelpful.  Today’s culture is largely decadent and growing worse.  How do we raise children in the minefield of schools with their peer pressure, television, movies, and so on?  If, as some say, it “takes a village to raise a child,” the village is not doing a very good job of it.  The village of today’s world is doing a very poor job of encouraging those who love righteousness.

Your love for righteousness, therefore, must find some source of nourishment other than the world.  This takes us back again to the ruler of the universe: Jesus Christ.  I told you before of the good news that He loves righteousness and hates lawlessness.  The even better news is that He is willing to forgive those who practice unrighteousness, and give them the power to live according to His righteousness.

The process for achieving His righteousness is to look to Him every day.  He is God and can see all that you think, say, and do.  Build this awareness into your thought life.  Carry with you through the day the knowledge that He is watching even the secrets of your heart.  If you love Him, you will want to please Him and you will find yourself doing the things that are pleasing in His sight.  If you forget Him, your heart returns to darkness where it’s much easier to do evil.

Even when the village does what it thinks are great things – buildings, achievements, arts – God is not impressed.  He cares about good and evil, and how each villager lives day by day.

All of us do better when someone we love is watching us.  God is loving and watching all of us.  The fact that the village is choosing to ignore Him does not mean that you have to do the same.  Live for Him, and your love for righteousness will grow.

For more context, see this overview.

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