All Bible Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled in Christ

All prophecy in the Bible looked forward to “the day of the Lord,” the day when Israel’s Messiah would rule the nations in righteousness – the days of “the kingdom of God.”  In the Old Testament these prophecies were understood to have a fulfillment far into the future.  In the New Testament that time was deemed to have come, and therefore all the prophecies were said to be “at hand” for that generation.  As that generation advanced, the time was said to be “nearer.”  And finally, with the book of Revelation, the time was said to be “soon.”  Given the diversity of the Bible’s authors and the consistency of their timetables, combined with the work of the Holy Spirit who inspired them all, it would be foolish to declare them wrong about the timing.  All these prophecies centered on the person of Jesus Christ – the long-awaited Messiah.  As He was faithful to fulfill all prophecies in the physical dimension where we could see Him (as Jesus of Nazareth), we can trust He was just as faithful to fulfill all prophecies applying to the spiritual dimension where we could not see Him (in heaven where He went after His resurrection).  Therefore, we conclude that all these prophecies were fulfilled long ago, no later than the end of the 1st Century A.D.

If you read a more literal translation of the Bible, such as the New American Standard Bible (abbreviated NASB or NAS), you will often see New Testament quotations of the Old Testament marked in some noticeable way (in the NASB they are printed in all capital letters).  The New Testament is constantly quoting the Old Testament, and by taking note of these many occasions you will see how the apostles who wrote the New Testament documents believed that they were seeing the fulfillment of all prophecy.  Moreover, there are many occasions in the Old Testament where it is obvious to us that its prophecies were fulfilled in New Testament times even though the New Testament writers did not quote them.  (For examples, see Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Apostolic Times.)  The entire Old Testament pointed toward Christ, and thus all its prophecies are fulfilled in Him.

We are therefore living in the promised “day of the Lord” – the days of “the kingdom of God.”  Consequently, you should not be led astray by anyone or any group who would tell you that any Bible prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.  Most common are those groups who excitedly warn of the imminent physical return of  Jesus.  Even in the last hundred years there have been many cases of churches or cults using scraps of Scripture to build a following.  Then when the predicted event does not occur when promised, they invent some new prophecy or explanation to hold on to the people and their wallets.  By the false expectations these groups raise, they damage the faith of those who join them, and cause the name of the Lord to be blasphemed among those who do not.

None of this, however, diminishes the value of the Bible for helping us understand the ways of God and how His judgments are executed in the earth.  On the contrary, because the Bible is a trustworthy record of how people were judged in the past, we can follow its patterns recurring in life today.  As a result, we are better able to learn from it.  The Bible’s subject matter is righteousness.  It is filled with examples of right and wrong behavior.  Its moral lessons help us know how to live.  Nations still rise and fall today for the same reason they rose and fell in biblical times: “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”  The Bible is not less valuable because its prophecies have been fulfilled, it is more valuable for this very reason.

The purpose of the Bible is to testify to Jesus Christ.  Its prophecies have been fulfilled in Him.  Jesus Christ is the Lord in “the day of the Lord;” He is the King in “the kingdom of God.”  Live for Him…whether anyone else does or not.

For more on this topic, see Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again.  For broader context, see this overview.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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45 Responses to All Bible Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled in Christ

  1. Justin says:

    The prophecies have yet to be fulfilled, The rapture of the church has yet to take place. You have read a lot of the Bible but I think you need to check your facts. You love Jesus and you see that he is your savior, It doesn’t sound like you have read Revelation all that well, and if you did you need to read it and listen to His channel. It’s Pastor Chuck speaking on the things going on in the world today that’s leading up to the second coming of Christ. Thank you and that’s all God bless you.

    • Mike Gantt says:

      Rev 1:1 “must shortly take place”
      Rev 1:3 “for the time is near”
      Rev 3:11 “I am coming quickly”
      Rev 22:6 “must shortly take place”
      Rev 22:7 “I am coming quickly”
      Rev 22:10 “the time is near”
      Rev 22:12 “I am coming quickly”
      Rev 22:20 “I am coming quickly”

      If Jesus spoke this way in the book of Revelation which was written almost two thousand years ago, how do you and Pastor Chuck say that He didn’t come when He said He would?

      • robert says:

        everything must have a starting point and what you quote is just speaking of that starting point. Yahshua also spoke of things in the gospells that would mark this starting point. You can not just take these single verses then define their meaning without taking in account everything wrote by the prophets and what John wrote.. what i dont get about those like you that hold this belief is you claim all this had to take place 2000 years ago or Yahshua is a liar but ignore that if it didnt take place the way it was described by the Prophets and Yahshua it makes all of them liars.
        It all began within the timetable it suppose to and will end when all prophesies are fulfilled with the last being a renewed earth and the heavenly city and YAH dwelling with man

        • Mike Gantt says:

          You are looking for a Savior you can see with your physical eyes. However, He has taught us to be spiritual. That is, we must see Him by faith (Habakkuk 2:4).

          • robert says:

            Actually I am looking to one that is true to the whole word of YAH not one defined by a person. My savior sits at the right hand of YAH and is my savior because his blood will be a covering so i can stand before YAH for judgement ,without his sacrifice death would be final for all mankind because of Adam.
            Praise YAH cause he is True

            • Mike Gantt says:

              The very fact that you keep expressing allegiance to some name other than Jesus Christ demonstrates that you are not practicing a biblical faith. Anyone who reads the Bible knows that it is about Jesus Christ.

            • robert says:

              the only word that existed at the time was christ which defines that Yahshua was anointed as prophet, then priest and then king. but jesus is a corruption of the modern day name Joshua which was evloved from the hebrew name Yahshuea. the name jesus didnt even exist till about 1500ad, before that it Iesous in latin but pronounce Yahshua, then in greek Isus which the latin was derived from which is where the s was added to make it masc, from earlier greek where it was Isu where the droped the a because “a” made it fem. the very same name that is translated jesus in the NT is translated Joshua twice in the NT.

              • Mike Gantt says:

                You are straining out gnats and swallowing camels.

                Every Bible translator knows that the “Jesus” we see in our New Testaments was derived through the Greek from the Hebrew name “Joshua.” It doesn’t mean there’s anything corrupt about the name “Jesus” in our language, or that the translators were involved in some sort of conspiracy to deceive us.

                The important question is: Do you trust and obey Jesus, by whatever name you call Him?

                • robert says:

                  No some translators have corrected the corruption, all those that havent only do so to sell their version.
                  He was given only one name to be known by and jesus is not it but is that of pagananity that adopted NT writings then corrupted them to honor their god who fathered himself

                  • Mike Gantt says:

                    Here’s a web site showing 18 of the most commonly-used English translations, and how they translate Matthew 1:1.

                    As you can see, 14 render the name as “Jesus Christ,” three render it “Jesus the Messiah,” and one renders it “Yeshua the Messiah.”

                    I don’t see why you want someone to forsake all this and trust you.

                  • robert says:

                    How people translate is determined by their belief, very few will will go against that, also by peer pressure as was the KJV and last is the ability to sell their version. some translators insert doctrine of the trinity into their version because that is a very large market. almost every new translation caters to certain groups and because the bible is the best seller every year this makes translations big money and the love of efffect of money is the root of all evil. it exalts, it inslaves others and it brings false worship.
                    Almost all those that have corrected the corruption do so at their expense and mostly offer it freely.
                    my reason for my belief is because I PROVE AND REPROVE WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE which is what i wish you would do

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      I encourage readers to trust widely-available, commonly-used, and academically-respected English translations of the Bible such as those used on and other well-known online Bible sites. I would discourage readers from trusting an unknown person, of unknown background and credentials, who identifies himself only as “robert” on these matters.

                    • robert says:

                      I also recommend that you dont take my word, mikes word or anyones word on it but to actually do the research yourselves . Prove and reprove what is acceptable for you to believe if the truth is important to you

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      You’re telling people that they cannot trust standard versions of the English Bible. How are they supposed to do this “research” and “proving and reproving” you are talking about?

                      You’re telling people that there is a God named “Yah” who is greater than Jesus Christ. The Bible says that there is no name higher than that of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12; Ephesians 1:20-21; Philippians 2:9-11). If you don’t believe the New Testament, what Bible do you believe?

                    • robert says:

                      Here is the 40 Occurrences of the name
                      notice there is one that firmly states that is his name
                      lol this is a site you just praised


                      Yahshua the Messiah(christ, the anointed) is the name above all names but not above he name of the ONE that gave it to him

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      All of the 40 verses you quote are from the Old Testament. “Yah” is simply a shortened form of “Yahweh.” Neither the name “Yah” or “Yahweh” are promoted in the New Testament. Instead, the name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. You are trying to get people to ignore the New Testament. The Bible consists of both the Old Testament and the Old Testament. You can’t take away parts of it and get its full message.

                    • robert says:

                      Actually it exist 4 times in Rev 19 . ITs flat out says his NAME IS YAH , no one really knows for sure if its a contraction of YHWH or if YHWH is a compound that uses the creators name. someone gave Yahshua his name
                      it is you that dont use the whole of the word of YAH but chose verses to twist to fit

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      As I said, Robert, whether you use the “Yah” form or the “Yahweh” form, you do not see this name promoted in the New Testament.

                      Revelation 19 does have four occurrences of the term “Hallelujah.” I don’t see how that’s “flat out saying” anything about God’s name.

                      The New Testament is clear: the only name with which we need to be concerned is Jesus (Acts 4:12; Ephesians 1:20-21; Philippians 2:9-11).

                    • robert says:

                      I didnt say rev 19 says that is his name but does show that praise goes to YAH even in the last book of NT.
                      this verse declares the Creator name
                      Psalms 68:4 Sing to God! Sing praises to his name! Extol him who rides on the clouds: to Yah, his name! Rejoice before him!

                      and as i have shown over and over again the name jesus didnt exist till around 1500 AD.
                      Yahshua is the name we should be concrened with because it declares the true savior as YAH who was also Yahshua savior and ELYON

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      and as i have shown over and over again the name jesus didnt exist till around 1500 AD.

                      You may have repeated this over and over again, but you haven’t shown it once. What is your source for saying this? It surely is not the Bible.

                    • robert says:

                      mike its up to you to prove it existed , do some research and you will find the oldest english translations do not have a J but use I which carries the sound of Y not G. If jesus is the transliteration of Yahshua then it would be pronounced the same but could be spelled different. From about 130 ad on the church fathers hatred for anything jewish caused them to slowly alter by 1500 the hatred was so great they removed the last tie to the pronounciation of he true name but still knew the correct pronunciation was Yahshua as atested by the use of the true name to refer to Joshua,son of Nun pronounced Yahshua

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      Robert, for some reason you are refusing to divulge the source of this teaching that has captivated you. I have heard it from too many other people to believe that it is original with you.

                      No one needs to study what was happening with the English language in 1500. It is enough to know that English Bibles today use the name Jesus and that God will honor it.

                      You are ignoring the New Testament and its stress on the importance of Jesus Christ.

                      I cannot reject the New Testament in order to follow you.

                    • robert says:

                      How can one reveal sources when it would take you years upon years to read and study,.
                      It is sad they you dont prove and reprove, if you did you would get rid of these childish myths and actually know the name of the Creator and the name of our Mediator so you could understand the true plan of YAH. both names are very important in our prayers, who knows what spirit hears the prayers of the name god and jesus, my guess would be the one that deceived the world to believe these myths.

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      When my children were small, they called me all sorts of things before they learned to pronounce “Dad.” I always answered them no matter what they called me. Even to this day, if they called me something other than “Dad” I would still answer them. Your view of God is that of a petty tyrant, more worried about whether His children pronounce His name correctly than about how they treat each other.

                    • robert says:

                      there is one good thing i have to remember, that is you dont see to have much of a following as a teacher, most come here to dispute your false doctrine.
                      I will keep a watch

                    • Mike Gantt says:

                      I don’t seek a following for myself. I only seek a following for Jesus Christ. He knows who is following Him and He knows who is pointing to Him (2 Timothy 2:19).

                      Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Robert says:


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  11. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. I appreciate your insight as I have longed for revelation concerning the last days. I know two things for sure, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and though shall be saved! Second, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled!

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